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The Power of Root Cause Nutrition to Conquer Burnout

burnout chronic fatigue energy nutrition Jan 25, 2024
Personalized Nutrition for High Energy

I fell asleep sitting across from my boss in a meeting. It was just a microsecond, but enough for me to do the head-jerk thing…and he totally noticed.  With a curious glare, he stared at me just long enough for me to get seriously scared for my job. 


So if you’re hunched over your desk, battling the wall of  fatigue just to try to get through that final email, secretly dreading anyone else seeking a piece of your precious time, I’ve got your back…because I’ve been there. 


Perhaps your self-confidence has waned…are you lazy? Do you just not care? Are you bored with the career or business that you painstakingly spent years building? 


But, no, it’s not that. It’s just that you're ambitious, with dreams to conquer and career milestones to achieve. And, up until now, you’ve let nothing get in your way. 


Today, though, it’s a different story. You find yourself trapped in a cycle of confusion, frustration, and guilt because, despite your best efforts, exhaustion seems to be your constant companion.


The good news is that we can politely but firmly ask our little friend to move on to a  new life, far, far away from you!



What You’ve Been Taught To Do To Deal With Stress is All Backwards


Now, I get it; you've tried the go-to stress-busting techniques—deep breathing, meditation, yoga. They work, momentarily. But unless you’re only looking for a temporary fix, those relaxing activities will only take you so far.  


And, let’s be honest - does it ever feel like you’re implementing a plethora of stress management techniques, juggling so many different ideas, strategies and expensive treatments that it feels like it’ll all come crashing down at any moment?


Your stress management shouldn’t feel like an act at a Cirque du Soleil show!

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, I get the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and professionals like you. The demands of the business world and the unspoken pressure to maintain an "I've got this" facade are real stressors. And when we, yes, add in the hormonal roller coaster that starts when we turn 35, suddenly every day is like a ride through the Wild Wild West.


Now, if you’re feeling all the frustrations and wondering “well what do I DO if it’s not yoga and belly breathing?”, you’re not alone.  


And it’s NOT your fault that you’re stuck in burnout hell.  This isn’t a personal failure on your part - it’s just simply a neon sign that something inside your body needs attention, a signal that’s like your body is desperately waving its arms, shouting, "Help, I need nourishment!"


Your drive and ambition to do it all isn’t the reason you’re so exhausted. It’s just that, today, your desire to be your best self clashes with the harsh reality of relentless exhaustion, affecting your career, relationships, and self-esteem.



The Nutrient Gap Dilemma:


You’re trying to do it all - worker, business owner, wife, mom, daughter, friend - but your superhero cape is getting a bit tattered, and the "sleep when you're dead" mantra feels less inspiring and more like a cosmic joke.


The problem isn’t that you’re too busy - well, maybe 1 or 2 things could shift to another person’s plate…The problem is this little known health imbalance that no one taught you.


Nutrient gaps, the deficiencies, excesses, steals and drains are the reason that keep your stress response firing and you feel like you’re being squashed by a 2-ton truck!


Yes, you’ve got a lot of work and personal life stress going on but you’re also not creating a strong, resilient stress response that’s capable of handling the challenges and pressures in your day-to-day life. (πŸ‘ˆthis is the part no one’s talking about)

The Solution: Root Cause Nutrition


Are you ready to break free from this cycle of exhaustion? 


As an ambitious woman, your journey to reclaiming energy goes beyond mainstream advice. The demands on your time, physical body, and mental capacity mean you need a specialized solution that’s designed for your busy lifestyle and your female body. 


This means addressing deep issues that are NOT just “fatigue” or “brain fog” with the surfac-elevel solutions like more rest, protecting your energy, and belly breathing on your yoga mat anytime you feel stressed.  It's about addressing inflammation, optimizing your stress response, harmonizing your feminine energy, detoxifying your body, and establishing a balanced intuitive connection. (to learn more, check out my FREE guide here)


Mainstream, public energy-boosting tips won't cut it because you're on a different level.


Your root cause nutrition protocol starts with a thorough analysis of which nutrient gaps you’re living with, the ones triggering stress hormones over and over and over. It’s not your typical nutrients either - sure, you might show low iron in your blood work, but that doesn't mean you need to take in more iron (this is the actual problem 80%+ of my clients have).  To fully replenish the nutrients your body needs to battle stress and maintain high energy, you have to cut to the core of the nutrient gap problem.


Then, once you know what nutrients you need, you just get to eat! Your food choices expand, your meals get to be more delicious, and you can stop fretting over whether or not you “should” eat eggs, oatmeal or a carrot salad.  You’ll just KNOW that your body thrives on some specific foods and that when you eat them, you feel amazing. 

A Journey to Unleash Your Inner Fire:


So, how do you solve this problem? By acknowledging that you're ready to take back control. It's about recognizing that your drive, ambition, and motivation need a different level of love and support. It's understanding that overcoming burnout is not just about "eating clean" or "taking supplements"; it's about unlocking your inner fire for powerful excitement, accomplishment, and confidence in your life.


It’s about asking for support and guidance to clear up the confusion about how to eat to beat stress and uncover your personal root cause nutrition profile. 


Let's break free from the exhaustion loop, embrace root cause nutrition, and step into the highest version of yourself. You're not alone in this journey. Together, let's banish burnout, unleash your inner fire, and build a life filled with energy, success, and joy.


Click here to get started on your way to abundant energy to fuel your focus all month long so you can hit every deadline with ease and show your competitors just how successful you truly are. 


My boss never fired me for falling asleep in that meeting.  But he was curious about my sleep habits. I’ve always prioritized sleep - you have to when you’re coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Once I discovered my personal root cause of nutrition protocol, my boss was extremely excited by just how much work I could handle, without complaints, mistakes or feeling like it wasn’t fair that my team couldn’t hold their own load. 


So if you truly want to live free from fatigue and overwhelm and enjoy so much energy that you pump out every great idea with the power of a cannonball, there is a way to achieve this - click here to get started


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