A Comprehensive Analysis of Your Nutrient Gaps and a Personalized Success Plan to Jumpstart Your Energy Naturally

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What Energized Women Are Saying...

Chelsea K.

"Even though I'm in the medical field, I never knew how interconnected all my symptoms were and how they were impacting my energy levels!  I feel like a lightbulb has gone off and I have hope for myself finally!"

Julia C.

"From just this one hour with you, I gotten so much more direction and feel like I have a solid plan now to fix my energy problems. I never realized how deep my fatigue went until now and I'm excited to get my journey started with all this stuff.  It feels so right for me too."

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The Root Cause Deep Dive Consultation gives you:


A deeper understanding of why you're so tired all the time and how to start fixing this naturally

Clarity on why eating healthy, cutting out sugar and gluten, and taking your supplements isn't working

Which hormones and health problems are actually affecting your energy (it's not what you think)

A prescription to fix your fatigue using whole foods (you have to eat anyway right?)

An space to feel heard, and get loving, personalized support

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The Truth Is...

Your energy is in the toilet because you're living with some serious NUTRIENT GAPS.

Gaps - deficiencies and excesses - of specific energy nutrients that no one is even talking about!

Sure, you've heard of iron, magnesium and B12...but did you know that those typically how up as low on bloodwork because other nutrients are deficient, NOT the ones you're tested for?

Which means that you're missing out on the CRITICAL nutrients for high energy!

What are those nutrients?

Well, you need to find out if you're serious and determined about fixing your energy problems for good.

And THAT is exactly what we'll uncover for YOU on the Root Cause Deep Dive Consultation.


On this session, you'll receive:

  • A list of EVERYTHING you need to start your personalized & perfectly aligned energy healing journey
  • CONFIDENCE & CLARITY of what you need to do to stay on track (say goodbye to the guesswork!)
  • An INDIVIDUALIZED SUCCESS PLAN to jumpstart healing and keep you motivated as your energy continues to soar
  • One week of private message coaching to keep you ON TRACK

This Session is valued at $500 but it's available to you for $247 today. If you choose to enrol in the Energy Rejuvenation VIP Experience within 72 hours of the completion of your call, this investment will be applied towards your private coaching.

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What Women Are Saying About The Deep Dive:

"You've just explained more to me and answered more of my questions than all my doctors ever have combined! I feel like I finally have real answers to help me."

- Danielle P.

"I've been to therapists, medical doctors, naturopaths, and other alternative or natural health care professionals about my energy...And no one has ever given me this level of support or information about why I'm so tired - I feel so empowered now  knowing what to do to feel healthier!" 

- Sierra R.

"This call has been so informative.  I never realized how much my fatigue was tired to my hormones and digestion and all of the other symptoms that I struggle with!  I have so much clarity now in how to eat and be in a way that is focused on MY body!"

- Andrea H. 

"Wow, this was amazing! You gave me so much clarity and tied the parts of my struggles together - I love that I know exactly what to focus on and why now!"

- Jen K.

"Seriously, this has been the most comprehensive review of my health and my problems ever. I feel like I have a more informed understanding of my health and my hormones and, best of all, how to actually fix my energy!"

- Kara K.

"Thank you! Thank you! It's only been 3 weeks since our consultation and I've been eating the foods you recommended and I'm already feeling my energy soar. I wake up a little tired still but I can hop right out of bed now and my focus is crazy good! Everyone needs to do this call!!"

- Nancy S.


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