The #1 cause of low energy is Nutrient Gaps.

I'll teach you how to feed your unique feminine power.

It's Possible

No matter how tired you feel right now or how much you've got on your plate, I fully believe you're capable of unleashing your natural energy!

It's Feminine

Women have to stop listening to the masculine tips, advice & treatments and start balancing the feminine act of experimentation and fun!

It's Natural

The only way to fully restore natural energy production is to naturally reverse the root causes, remove the triggers & refuel your body with what it needs.

I'm a woman who has harnessed the power of her feminine hormones and energetics to successfully rejuvenate her energy, health & vitality...100% naturally. And you can have this too. 

We may be told our exhaustion, brain fog, mood swings & other symptoms are "normal" as busy, ambitious women in our 30s and 40s. But it doesn't have to be this way!

You get to feel energized, radiant, and fully capable of achieving your big dreams!

Join me on a journey of unleashing majestical femininity, strength, courage and fierce inner energy healing.



Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at 15, I struggled to feel any joy for life for almost 20 years. I lost friends, stopped the activities that lit me up, and turned down two deliciously exciting career paths.  All in the name of survival - simply trying to survive each day without crashing into a brick wall and spiralling into a dark hole of despair and exhaustion.

After finally taking a conscious step towards fixing my fatigue naturally, I unlocked a whole new world.  Slowly but surely, as my energy rose, I began to awaken, happiness and love returned to my life, and I couldn't wait to get out and achieve all my dreams!

As my life shifted in one that felt healthy, alive and like mine again, I realized that there absolutely is a way to fix chronic exhaustion.

I became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and support busy, ambitious women reclaim their energy & focus naturally.  And, I used my CFS experience to create recovery & remission plans for women struggling with Epstein Barr Virus.

I am strong.  Courageous. Fiercely femininely guided and naturally healthy...

And if you're ready to walk away from exhaustion & start feeling radiant and confidently driven, I'm ready to lead the way.

"Daina is a fantastic coach and if you follow the program protocols and take her advice you too will find yourself with more energy to take on all the things you want to do in life!"

Carleigh W.

"After 20 years, I’m finally feeling refreshed most mornings. I feel lighter and so much healthier. My energy is improving and I feel like someone is actually listening to me and getting what it causing my fatigue!"

Sarah D.

From Exhausted to Energized



This is my full story...

It began when I was 12. I caught pneumonia and had to be hospitalized for 2 nights.  While the illness itself was tough on my, it was the never-ending exhaustion afterwards that knocked me down.

For months, I never felt like I did before that illness.  I had to quit everything I loved - gymnastics, volleyball, and figure skating.  This broke my heart because I was actually becoming pretty talented in all 3 sports, something I never imagined I'd say about myself. (I was always an awkward, gangly, uncoordinated kid, I think.)

For 3 years, I managed to get top marks in my classes and scape by with some serious alone time.  

Then, when I was 15, I caught mono, and my whole life spiralled downward so fast, I didn't know what happened!

My mom took me to one doctor after another to find out what was wrong with me.  I, too, was told to just suck it up and stop wallowing, sleeping too much was just making me feel worse, etc. 

But, finally, I found a doctor that took a few extra minutes to listen to me...and he said "I believe you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".  I felt elated!  Someone, finally, had a diagnosis for my exhaustion, which meant, in my logical brain, that someone had a cure!

Well, no.  

He went on to say, "Sorry, there isn't anything anyone can do for this.  You'll just have to learn to live with it."

Huh.  That sucked.  So much. 

I spent the next 15 years believing that I was stuck.  Hoping that I may stumble upon a new diet or supplement or treatment that would miraculously fix me.  Never getting anywhere.

Around age 18, I began to develop these unexplainable, horrendously painful stomach cramps, too.  They hit hard and fast - for 6 hours, I'd literally be writhing in pain on the floor, moaning and wanting to die.

Some doctors blamed stress.  Some said it was my gallbladder.  Some (okay, most) hadn't a hot clue!

After about 7 years of these horrible cramps, I began to notice some patterns.

They only hit me when I ate something that combined wheat and dairy, wheat and sugar, or sugar and dairy.  (And, all three.) But, not always, so it took time to figure this pattern out.

So, my first thought was, "avoid all those combinations!".  Which helped for awhile, until suddenly I was slammed down in the middle of a Denny's parking lot one Sunday morning.  With my brand new boyfriend. 

That's when I started wondering what else food was doing to my body.  What other foods should I be avoiding? (My mindset back then was all about avoidance!)

My first foray into becoming a healthier person was to "clean" up my diet.  I replaced processed and refined white breads and pastas with whole wheat, hydrogenated oils were removed, and any junk or processed foods were replaced.

Honestly, I don't know how well a clean diet helped my energy back then.  I think there was some improvements but I still struggled.  A LOT!

I continued to crash most afternoons, and I would end up on the couch after a 40 minute walk.  

Next stop - more "natural" supplements!  As in, I went to the natural health food store instead of Walmart for my vitamins and minerals.

At one point, I had 28 different supplements on the go, and none of them seemed to be doing anything!

So frustrating!

Finally, though, I found some hope.

When I was 35, I decided I had to get off hormonal birth control because I kept reading about the nasty, cancerous side effects.  

Once I quit, though, my face, neck, chest and back erupted with mortifying cystic acne!  I was so embarrassed that I quit everything I could and called in sick to work whenever there was a meeting I had to attend.

Desperate for help, I made an appointment with a naturopath. 

She attacked my acne by rebalancing my reproductive hormones.  And, when my skin began to clear up over the next 3 months, I became fascinated with how simple food tweaks could powerfully change my health for the better.

That's when I enrolled in Holistic Nutrition school and became certified to coach women with functional food, lifestyle and mindset options.

Still, though, my fatigue plagued me.

While in school, I was exposed to so many nutrition protocols for a wildly large array of health problems...but never chronic fatigue!

Yet again, no one seemed to have any answers, but I was determined to do everything I possibly could to try to beat my exhaustion.  

And live a healthy, normal, energized life.

I began experimenting with all the relevant protocols I could find, tweaking and combining nutrients and foods, supplements and activities.

And, eventually, after 3 years of some massive successes and some major failures, I hit the jackpot!

I classified my chronic fatigue as in remission when I hadn't had a single crash, flare, or burnout moment in 6 straight months.

And, since that moment, I've been living my best life.  Doing all the things I want, with ease and confidence.  I feel successful and competent in my work, I feel energized by workouts, and I love my new calm, at peace mindset about everything.

And if I can transform my life from exhausted to energized, you can too!

Feeling Called to Get Started?

I get that it's scary to take another leap into the unknown, especially when everyone has told you to take more supplements, adaptogens, or prescription antivirals.  Or when the nutrition information out there is so conflicting!

But I also know you've got a business to run or a successful career to flourish within.  And you're not about to give up on your dreams!

It doesn't matter how determined you are to beat exhaustion, if you lack clear direction you will be crushed by fatigue and brain fog in your own life.

Let's get you started with a Deep Dive Discovery session to find out why you're really so tired and foggy-brained, and give you an individualized success plan to get you on your way!

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