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Guide to Repair The 5 Sneaky Hormone Saboteurs Stealing Your Energy, Focus, Joy & Sex Drive

A holistic guide for female professionals and entrepreneurs who want to   wake up every morning refreshed in order to tackle their entire to-do list well before quitting time, easily fend of unwanted cravings & hunger even on the busiest days, and still feel revved up to enjoy stable moods that foster connection and laughter with the people they love. 

Discover the exact step-by-step process that YOU need to reclaim effortless all-day energy, clear & glowing skin, a fired up sex drive AND feel confident, sexy and in control inside your own body. 

Get access to exclusive insiders' hormone rebalancing strategies that women over 35 are embracing to feel:

  • Refreshed and excited to bounce out of bed to start their hectic day
  • Confident, accomplished, and proud of their success each day
  • Eager to play with their kids, walk their dogs and workout more
  • Connected & engaged with all the important people in their lives
  • Free to live their life on their own terms without fear of exhaustion getting in the way
  • Fired up for passionate sex that they initiate

I want to be free from hormonal imbalances AND fatigue, brain fog and mood swings too!

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What women are saying...

"I was getting so self-conscious at work because I couldn't remember things.  Now I feel confident & have improved my speed too!"

Jenn B.

"I'm getting so much more work done in less time so I'm able to do more of the things I actually enjoy again!"

Carrie W.

"I finally feel like I'm competent and that it's showing up in my career. It feels great to think quickly on my feet."

Julia C.

Hi there!

I'm Daina Gardiner and it's my mission to sail through perimenopause 100% symptom-free!  Well, it's my mission to understand my body so well that the slightest niggle of a symptom is 100% something I can crush before it gets out of hand.

And, after 10+ years of focusing on my hormones as the guidepost for my entire health journey - beating and remaining in remission from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, restriction-free weight loss and maintenance, squashing all hormonal acne, and more - I'm GOOD at what I do.

Because I don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to health and I certainly don't stop digging for a real solution based on a quick fix fad circulating on social media.

I'm a holistic nutrition CONSULTANT because it's my job to ask the deeper questions and get inside your body to see where all the gaps are holding you back from hitting your health goals. The biggest mistake women make is following cookie cutter, symptom-focused treatments...with me, you're going to get a STRATEGY that's aligned with your goals and your female body's hormonal needs.


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