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"I was getting so self-conscious at work because I couldn't remember things.  Now I feel confident & have improved my speed too!"

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"I finally feel like I'm competent and that it's showing up in my career. It feels great to think quickly on my feet."

Julia C.

Hi there, Energy Seeker!

I'm Daina Gardiner, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and a fellow chronic fatigue sufferer.  Ten years ago, I discovered the magic of holistic nutrition and created a food-based protocol that cracks the case of chronic exhaustion and ongoing burnout wide open!

The secret is to uncover the underlying root cause of exhaustion and rebalance & strengthen that with the right whole foods. 

Without medications, expensive lab tests, random costly supplements, cleanses or health gimmicks, I was able to fully recover all my energy and start living life exactly as I'd always wanted.

There is a Women's Energy Crisis burning right now because we are not taught how to look at our whole bodies for higher health.  We are brushed off, gaslighted, and made to feel ashamed of our health problems.

I say no more - I say embrace the power of your inner fire by harnessing the power of your hormones for Fierce Feminine Energy.

Are you ready? Let's unleash your highest energy yet together!

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