Demystify & simplify your fatigue recovery by focusing on the root cause: 

The Fatigue Cycle

Here's where you are today:

You're a highly ambitious woman with big dreams & goals, struggling with:

Exhaustion: the fatigue is seriously impacting your life, making it tough to do all the things you need & want to do each day

Brain Fog: your brain literally hurts to think, and making a decision is a real battle

Confidence: you can't recall small details and just want to avoid meetings & projects because you're afraid you'll come across as incompetent

Shame: you can't keep up with your family - the chores, activities and basic day-to-day life, and you feel like you're letting them down

Anxiety: worry and mood swings keep you feeling guilty, anxious and afraid to change your routine

Overwhelmed: there is too much information about energy out there and you don't even know where to start

Alone: no one understands your exhaustion and you're brushed off as lazy or complaining



Here's where you get to be:

When you let go of the old ways of only treating your symptoms or masking your exhaustion AND you surrender to being led towards your personal energy healing path, you get to feel:

Energized: wake up excited to start your day; feel on top of your game all day, even at 4 pm

Focused: get so much more work & tasks done in way less time so you can achieve more & start doing more of what you love

Competent: make decisions and recall details quickly, with ease

Proud: finish reports before they're due, sign on a high-class client, and tackle your entire week's worth of household chores in one afternoon

Calm: stress rolls off your shoulders, you can handle what's comes your way with peace and calm

Empowered: you know exactly what to do to keep your energy high and to feel your absolute best no matter what

In control: you are in the driver's seat of your health, energy & life and nothing is gonna stop you from achieving all your big dreams and goals



Interested in discovering the magic of holistic nutrition & feminine energetic energy healing?

Here are my current programs & offers available to support your energy healing journey:

The Energy Rejuvenation VIP Experience

A Women's Hormone-Centric Nutrition, Holistic Habit & Intuitive Lifestyle Expansion Experience to Create Sustainable Energy Production for the Modern Woman.

A 4-month holistic energy healing journey that simplifies the process with small, root cause-focused steps to reboot your energy fast.  With each renewed level of energy, you get to feel motivated and encouraged to include more aligned energizing activities to build your personalized sustainable energized lifestyle. 

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Self-Paced Programs


Epstein Barr Virus / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Remission Protocol

A complete, simple holistic nutrition program for women battling chronic EBV/CFS who want to start living a life full of energy, abundance, joy and motivation!

Restore your energy & put your EBV / CAEBV into remission by strengthening your entire immune system, not just killing off the virus with antivirals.

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Crush Your Fatigue Protocol

6 weeks to higher energy through holistic hormonal rebalancing.  This is a self-paced program for women who feel burnt out or struggle with ongoing exhaustion that isn't related to a viral infection.

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Quick & Simple Starter Programs for Higher Energy

Healthy Hormones: 2 Week HormoneReset Nutrition Protocol

The proven nutrition blueprint for restoring health, harmony & balance to all your energy-regulating hormones!

Healthy Hormones 14-Day $44 - click here

Clean Energy Detox: A Safe, Quick 14-day Program to Boost Energy

Restore the health of your entire detoxification system with this nutrient-packed meal plan & safe detox tips.

Clean Energy Detox $55 - click here

Release Viral Fatigue: 2 Week Kickstart

Refuel, prime & strengthen your immune system to get rid of post-viral fatigue faster! Perfect for an active Epstein Barr infection or post-COVID incident.

Release Viral Fatigue $88 - click here

The 4S Workout:16 Week Flexible, Hormone-Friendly

I created this 16 week flexible and customizable workout program for women who want to improve their energy without wrecking their hormones.

4S Workout Program - $67 - click here