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How I Eliminated PMS in 2 Weeks

chronic fatigue energy nutrition hormonal fatigue hormones Jan 23, 2023

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Ladies!  You need to hear a very important message!  PMS is NOT a normal thing for women.  And we do not need to live with it.  In fact, you can easily eliminate PMS, too.


So let’s get this show on the road!  I have some very exciting insights to share on how you, too, can eliminate PMS for good.


And start using your own cycle to tell you how to eat, be, live and move in order to feel amazing.  


My Backstory


I’m not going to go into what PMS is because, hey, you already know all about that, right?


My own PMS story isn’t as bad as some women’s, and I’m grateful for that. 


However, I was on birth control pills (BCP) for almost 20 years.  That definitely damped many of the symptoms I could have experienced.

Mainly, during those years, I struggled with bloating, hormonal acne (and all-month acne too), mood swings and that level of fatigue that drastically dictates how you’re gonna live your life!


Then, when I was in my early 30s, I decided to end my relationship with BCP.  


Off I went, thinking life would be grand…


And then - BAM! - I was struck hard with mortifying cystic acne.  So embarrassing that I dropped out of dance classes, girls nights, and everything that made up my “life”.  


I hid behind turtlenecks and toques, even in warm weather, only venturing out to get groceries when I knew the stores would be super dead.


And I hated going into work.  I felt like a sideshow, as though everyone was looking at me with disgust.  I called in sick a lot during those dark days too.


And, I started to experience wild mood swings and irritability, bloating, gas, constipation, breast lumps, fatigue and insomnia.

Desperate for a Fix, I Asked for Help


Ah, yes, the dreaded “H” word!


But, I sure did not want to live my life hiding away from the world.


And I had spent about 2 years trying to fix my skin on my own.  You know, with the typical “skin care” stuff - lotions, facials, scrubs, ditching dairy and wheat, saying goodbye to chocolate, the usual stuff!


Nothing worked at all - it actually made my skin so much worse!


So I knew it was time to ask for help - I couldn’t fix this on my own, as much as I wanted to!


Knowing I didn’t want medication, I found a naturopathic doctor to work with.


For about 8 months, we put a lot of effort into detoxing my whole body (not just the liver), improving my digestion, and, especially, rebalancing my hormones.


Finally, though, my skin cleared up.


And so did ALL my PMS symptoms!


10+ Years PMS Free and Then…


With my holistic nutrition knowledge, I continued to strengthen the balance and health of my whole body (which is how I discovered how to beat chronic fatigue and burnout quickly).


I enjoyed over 10 years of easy periods, only knowing when it was coming because it was clockwork - to the hour - and I kept track.

I had no indication otherwise - no bloating, no breast tenderness, no acne, no insomnia…


Life was great!


Until COVID hit…


And my health took a beating, primarily self-inflicted!


Locked in my house with nothing to do, I started enjoying a lot more red wine, dug into the chips and salsa often, and began baking delicious brownies and cookies.


Well, of course, I had to eat everything I baked, which began to mess up my blood sugar big time!


Long story short, over the past 3 years, I’ve noticed my top-notch health status slipping.


And about a year ago, my PMS symptoms started to pop up.  


It began with mid-cycle spotting.


Which morphed into shorter or unpredictable cycles.


My skin started to breakout along my jaw, and I began craving chocolate and sugar in the week leading up to my flow.


Eventually, I began to experience bad bloating, monthly weight gain that didn’t go away, insomnia, frustrating energy CRASHES, my boobs hurt so much, and I was becoming angry for no reason!


I battled these with a basic healthy diet - trying to cut back on alcohol, gluten and sugar.  And took 2 supplements - Vitex and Milk Thistle.  


But, month after month, these symptoms just kept getting worse.


2 Weeks to Eliminate PMS - Here’s How I Did It


First, I took a very deep breath and didn’t panic or get frustrated.  Something was obviously a hot mess - I just had to figure out what to focus on for the biggest impact.


All of my symptoms pointed towards “estrogen dominance” - a condition in which your body has a higher amount of estrogen in comparison to estrogen each month.


This can be caused by either a drop in progesterone OR not eliminating estrogen properly.  


I took a look at my lifestyle, my symptoms and my health status and determined I was struggling to clear excess estrogen.  


So the next question was “why?”

Well, a few reasons:


I was drinking too much alcohol, especially during my luteal phase.  


I’d become quite constipated (it’s hot here, I wasn’t hydrated enough).


And I’d let slip in too much gluten, sugar and a bit of dairy - the excess inflammation was promoting more estrogen production by my body.


In a nutshell, I was making way too much estrogen and my liver and colon couldn’t get rid of it!


The 2 Week Eliminate PMS Protocol - So Simple!


You’ve probably been told to buy a lot of expensive supplements or herbal tinctures to fix your hormones.  I mean, I sure was told to invest in hundreds of dollars of vitamins when I first began my hormone rebalancing act!


But the truth is, you don’t need to spend your hard earned money on supplements when you can just tweak the foods you (probably) already eat to support the goal!


Because, when it comes to balancing your hormones, food is the fastest, most effective way to reset your energy, focus, radiance, vitality and love of life!

As I already mentioned, I didn’t change my supplements.  I kept taking Vitex and Milk Thistle.  Vitex is a gentle progesterone booster and Milk Thistle is a gentle overall liver detoxifier.


Back to my root causes of estrogen dominance though.


One - Alcohol.  When you consume alcohol, your liver uses the same detox pathway to clear it as it does for estrogen - and alcohol takes precedence.


I planned to ditch all alcohol 100% (I was about 80% effective).


Two - Constipation.  Detoxified estrogen needs to be eliminated from your body.  Hormones are shunted to the colon, where fibre wraps them up and expels them through stool.  If you’re backed up, those hormones get reabsorbed into the body.  


Due to heat and my low carb diet, I wasn’t moving things along.  So I strategically added a bit of oatmeal and gluten-free grains to my diet.  I only ate them after 3 pm and only a wee amount, just enough to get things flowing again! (Starchy carbs and whole grains retain water to help move stool faster.)


Three - Gluten and Sugar (and a bit of dairy). I ditched all of these about 90% (again, the plan was 100% but life got in the way a couple of times).  This part was extra important as I needed to also do some blood sugar rebalancing.  


In addition to the very few restrictions to my diet, I also made sure to ADD 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed to my daily diet.  Flax is great for estrogen detox and elimination!  And I believe every woman with hormonal imbalances over the age of 35 needs a daily dose of ground flaxseed.

I am a huge fan of “seed cycling” so I also added back in my daily tablespoons of raw sunflower and sesame seeds each.  Plus, I made sure to enjoy a daily apple (another excellent detox food) and extra vegetables at every single meal.  


My daily water intake stayed the same at 4 liters but…I shifted it more towards the first half of the day.  I noticed drinking too much around bedtime was waking me up way too often!  This really helped improve my sleep.


Eliminate PMS for Good


I know it’s possible to completely eliminate PMS for good.


All it really takes is knowing WHY you’re struggling so that you can then strategically choose the best foods at the right times to regulate all your hormones.  


The strategy gets to be super simple too - it’s about adding more of the right foods while only eliminating the most problematic.  


It’s not about making food confusing.  And it’s not about relying on supplements to fuel your body.  Your body is made to use food as its medicine - use this to your advantage!

Once you learn how to eat for each phase of your cycle, properly clearing away the hormones that need to be refreshed each month, you’ll enjoy PMS-free cycles and a lighter, more regular and tolerable period!

It’s fascinating and a bit wild that I did eliminate ALL my PMS symptoms in just 2 weeks of dedicated action.  I actually wasn’t expecting such a drastic improvement so fast!  But if I can do this, I know you can too.  


So if you’re looking to free yourself from PMS woes and start living your life on your terms all month long, let’s chat!

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