Fierce & Fiery Female Hormones

28-Day, Self-Paced Holistic Feminine Hormone Balancing & Healing Nutrition & Energetics Program

For women who are ready to level up their energy rejuvenation & total body health journey with fiercely aligned feminine healing, naturally, sustainably, & simply.

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More Energy

Sync food, exercise & sleep for adequate energy levels no matter where you are in your personal cycle or hormonal journey.

Laser-Sharp Focus

Increase overall mental recall and clarity so you can perform your best all day, every day, and feel accomplished.

Happier Periods

Lighter flow, clockwork cycles, calm and steady mood, regulated body temperature, and more!

Ever felt like...

  • None of the energy boosting supplements or foods are working for you?
  • You're just not being heard by your medical care team when you talk about your exhaustion & period woes?
  • Your entire body has just decided to short-circuit and you have so many symptoms you can't keep track?
  • You're in the throes of perimenopause (and you're only 38)?
  • You're afraid of how your colleagues judge you because your brain is so foggy and numb lately?
  • Someone just injected you with 'raging lunatic' juice and every little thing your partner does wrong warrants an outburst of anger & irritability?


Would you love to feel...

  • Seamlessly energized, knowing exactly what foods and nutrients you need?
  • Understood and compassionately supported?
  • Light, healthy & confident in your body's ability to support all your dreams and desires?
  • Young, vibrant, and radiant?
  • Whip-smart & laser-focused all day?
  • 100% in charge of your emotions?

You've taken the supplements; dabbled with Hormone Replacement Therapies; tested out one fad diet after another; tried to get more sleep and exercise...


Now it's time to put the right pieces together AND dive deep into how to rebalance your feminine hormones for abundant energy, clear focus, a flat belly, stable mood, & happier, more harmonious monthly cycles! 

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28-Day Self-Paced Feminine Hormone Balance Reboot for Women Who Want a "done for you" solution to kickstart energy, supercharge mental focus, and enable calm, peaceful moods no matter what life throws their way!
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I wish more women were taught this...

Hi, I'm Daina, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and 100% chronic fatigue recovered fierce feminine leader!

I discovered the power of my own period health when I stopped BCP in favour of a natural, chemical-free cycle.  I developed mortifying cystic acne all over the upper half of my body, and I only wanted to fix it naturally.

I spent months rebalancing my monthly cycle...And uncovered a secret weapon in women's health that NO ONE had ever taught me in 35+ years!

When your period and feminine hormones are balanced and healthy, life is so easy!  You're ENERGIZED.  You have LASER-SHARP FOCUS.  You LOVE YOUR LIFE!

But most importantly, you get in tune with the clues your reproductive system is sending about pending health problems...and you get to control whether or not that problem disappears OR persists into something bigger.

THIS is what you'll learn inside Fierce & Fiery Hormones - how to harness your personal reproductive experience as a guiding light in creating your highest level of health ever!  Naturally. 

The Key To All-Day Energy So That You Feel Focused, Capable of Meeting Life's Demands, and Confident in Excelling in Your Busy Career is to...


Harness the Power of Your Hormones. 


Women are lucky enough to have this amazing internal North Star to tune into for long-term total body health...


All it takes is resetting your feminine hormones and getting 100% in tune with your body's signals.  


Are YOU ready to feel Fierce & Fiery???

Join Fierce & Fiery Hormones Today and Receive...


A complete holistic nutrition & lifestyle rebalancing system to reset, rebalance & strengthen your reproductive system, whether you're in perimenopause or menopause


Science-backed nutrition plans for each phase of your personal cycle (and learn how to use these to harness your highest energy even if you no longer have a cycle)


The exact steps to take to sync your monthly cycle for optimal energy & focus any day of the month


Self-assessments and tracking calendars to enhance your personal understanding and intuition about the clues your body is sending you


Discover how you can use your body's symptoms as signals for an imbalance and foods to reset those healing pathways so that you can easily feel more energized, focused, excited for life, and capable of taking on life's many stressors with ease!

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