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Fierce & Fiery Hormones

Self-Paced Holistic Hormone Balancing & Energy Nutrition Program

For women who are ready for a life that revolves around HER, not her energy dips! 

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Just Some of What You'll Get Inside:

More Energy

Sync food, exercise & sleep for adequate energy levels no matter where you are in your personal cycle or hormonal journey so you can...

Effortlessly juggle your dreams, foster deeper relationships, boost your career, and still have the monstrous energy to dance your heart out on a whim!

Laser-Sharp Focus

Revel in unwavering, crystal-clear focus and a quick, sharp memory so you can...

Dominate every minute being the unstoppable force, perfectly balancing boardroom presentations, family dinners, and book club gatherings with the elegance of a master conductor!

Happier Periods

Lighter flow, clockwork cycles, calm and steady mood, regulated body temperature, and more so you can...

Transform your monthly cycles into endless energy, face each day with poise and perseverance, and relish in the freedom to pursue your passions with unwavering focus!

Ever felt like...

  • Energy is as unpredictable as rolling a pair of dice, with some days being highly productive while others fall flat?
  • Your health squad is missing the mark, dismissing your fatigue and trying to convince you your period blues are "normal"?
  • You're stuck in a cycle of trying to rest and recover yet the more exhausted you feel, the more rest you need and the more stressed out you become?
  • There's no time for passion or entertainment in your life because lethargy and recurring disruptions to your energy are running the show?
  • Anxiety is rising daily since you're never sure how one day will unfold, limiting your capacity to confidently plan for the week or face challenges head-on?
  • Laundry and dishes keep piling up because your depleted energy means you feel disoriented and unable to keep on top of your growing to-do list?
  • Someone just injected you with 'raging lunatic' juice and every little thing your partner does wrong warrants an outburst of anger & irritability?


Would you love to feel...

  • Seamlessly energized, strutting down the aisle confidently popping the A-List foods tailored for you into your cart?
  • Compassionately understood, striding arm-in-arm with a support squad who gets you and is here to tirelessly back you up in your health journey?
  • Confident in your own skin so you can rock that body with newfound pride, knowing it's primed to support every ounce of your dreams and ambitions?
  • Young, vibrant, and radiant so you can chase your kiddos without breaking a sweat while attacking chores without missing a beat?
  • Whip-smart & laser-focused all day so you can tackle your to-do list like it's a piece of (sugar-free) cake?
  • 100% free from emotional turbulence so you can live authentically and unapologetically?

You've taken the supplements; dabbled with Hormone Replacement Therapies; tested out one fad diet after another; tried to get more sleep and exercise...


Now it's time for you to clear away the "fluff" and swap exhaustion for boundless energy, foggy thoughts for crystal-clear focus, bloating for a slender belly, and mood swings for serene stability. And, naturally embrace happier, harmonious periods.

Fierce & Fiery Hormones - Your Complete Solution to Happy, Energized Hormones

You've been dreaming (possibly in your blink-and-miss-five-minutes-snooze) to catapult your energy, to navigate the cerebral fog and to stand tall in the hurricane of emotions. Well, babe, it ain't just a dream anymore—it's your time to rise.

Kickstart your energy with meal plans curated for hormonal perfection because you need more than just another detox cleanse or herbal supplement to keep you glowing when the midday slump hits home.

Supercharge that mental focus with brain-boosting science-based nutrition for each phase of your cycle so that you can work smarter, not harder because hey, that report ain't gonna finish itself!

Curate calm, serene moods that can cruise smoothly over whatever shenanigans life throws your way. Yes, you can find zen amidst the chattering teeth at your mother-in-law's Sunday potluck.

Sound good? We thought so! Unleash the Fierce & Fiery Woman within you—and let her roar!

I'm ready to say "YES!" to vibrant energy and focus - let's go!

I wish more women were taught this...

Hi, I'm Daina, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and 100% chronic fatigue recovered fierce feminine leader!

I discovered the power of my own period health when I stopped BCP in favour of a natural, chemical-free cycle.  I developed mortifying cystic acne all over the upper half of my body, and I only wanted to fix it naturally.

I spent months rebalancing my monthly cycle...And uncovered a secret weapon in women's health that NO ONE had ever taught me in 35+ years!

When your period and feminine hormones are balanced and healthy, life is so easy!  You're ENERGIZED.  You have LASER-SHARP FOCUS.  You LOVE YOUR LIFE!

But most importantly, you get in tune with the clues your reproductive system is sending about pending health problems...and you get to control whether or not that problem disappears OR persists into something bigger.

THIS is what you'll learn inside Fierce & Fiery Hormones - how to harness your personal reproductive experience as a guiding light in creating your highest level of health ever!  Naturally. 

The Key To All-Day Energy So That You Feel Focused, Capable of Meeting Life's Demands, and Confident in Excelling in Your Busy Career is to...


Harness the Power of Your Hormones. 


Women are lucky enough to have this amazing internal North Star to tune into for long-term total body health...


All it takes is resetting your feminine hormones and getting 100% in tune with your body's signals.  


Are YOU ready to feel Fierce & Fiery???

Maria K

I feel younger, healthier, happier! With an elevated energy level and improved mood, every day turned brighter for me. Just some simple changes to my diet helped m harness all this and more!

Hanna L

With Daina's holistic support, I stopped feeling overwhelmed by stress and got so focused at work that I was done my tasks so much sooner. I even had energy to burn so I completed my first-ever Spartan Race!

Valerie E

I learned so much about my health but also loved that many of my own fears, struggles and choices were validated. Now I'm feeling empowered to make way better food choices and my body is loving it!

Ready for harmonious hormones, incredible energy and laser-sharp focus? Get started today!