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Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes Holding Your Energy Hostage

adrenal health chronic fatigue energy nutrition supplements Aug 09, 2023
Holistic Nutrition Solutions for Higher Energy

Ever had one of those days when it feels like your get-up-and-go got up and left without you? 

The unforgiving clock taunts as work crawls at a snail’s pace, your once steaming coffee's turning into a polar ice cap and, you? Well, you're feeling like you're lugging a sack of potatoes around, right? Believe me, you’re so not alone here!

Meet Chloe. She's your everyday modern woman — juggling a demanding job, side hustles, gym check-ins, meal prep, and a social life, while trying to squeeze some sleep in between. Sound like a day in your life too?

One day, Chloe wakes up — and let me tell you, it wasn't the sunshine kind of morning you see in commercials, but the kind where it feels like you're hauling an anchor out of bed. She brushes it off, blaming it on last night's Santa Clarita Diet binge. 

But days turn into weeks, and the fatigue clings to her like stubborn glitter. It's more persistent than a Monday morning's longing for a double-chocolate chunk cookie!

Do you feel entrenched in this battle against the constant weight of fatigue and those annoying hormonal imbalances causing havoc? Then, it's time to take a deep breath and dig into some inspiration that's about to become your secret weapon!

Let's roll up our sleeves — metaphorically, of course; we don't want anyone pulling a muscle here — and get ready to give this fatigue and hormone mischief a good, solid boot! We're about to explore the most common mistakes many of us make while we fumble on the path to conquering our energy dips and hormonal hiccups. 

Are you ready to turn the tables on fatigue, to reclaim your vibrant energy, and start being the thriving, dynamo woman you're meant to be? Then let's jump right into what NOT to do, and remember - when it comes to the battle of you vs fatigue — you've got this!

Too Much Buzz – Not Enough Balance

While coffee or sugar might give you that quick zippity-zap, they're like naughty friends who leave your house messier than before! They suck up your energy nutrients so fast and mess with your hormones. What’s this get you?  More jitters & brain fog, less power & productivity!


Sleep – It’s Not An Optional 

Skipping the Zzzs like your least favorite veggies? The reverse magic begins - you feel more tired, your hormones go bonkers, you c more sugar and caffeine, you crash every afternoon, you don’t finish your work so you end up cramming it in after the kids go to bed…it’s a recipe for energy disaster! You wouldn’t run a car without refuelling, would you?

Overdoing the Sweat Sesh

Look, I love a sweat-drenched workout as much as the next woman, but sometimes, less is more. In fact, as busy, tired women, we need to coordinate our exercise with those little niggles that pop up (that we too often ignore): “But I don’t want to go to the gym today.” Or, “But I’d rather just do yoga instead of going for a bike ride.”  What’s the #1 way to make your exercise work against you?  Do a workout simply because you’ve told yourself that you “should”! 

Listen to your body, my friend.  It knows how to keep those hormones harmoniously humming along and make you feel like a superstar all day long. 


Faddy Diets? No, Thank You! 

Jumping on the 'eat-this-not-that' train won't bring that glow, gorgeous! Nor will the so-called “therapeutic” diets like keto, autoimmune paleo or even Mediterranean.  And definitely run far, far away from restrictive juice cleanse programs. 

Your body needs a VIP mix of nutrients, not a picky-eater menu. Let's not upset the hormonal harmony with a few energy-draining food habits, shall we?

Ignoring Stress - No More Turtling!

Hiding out inside your bed (or your head) a la turtle while stress dances the flamenco around you? Stress is at an all-time high for busy, ambitious women and we must learn to support our body’s natural response to all this chaos and confusion.

Mindfulness, meditation, or simple little break-ups with routine could help your body regain hormonal balance and boost that energy. Stress response superstars are extra omega-3 fats, vegetables and protein in your diet, plus a stellar sleep and hormone-friendly exercise routine. (See what I did there???)


Drink Up, Buttercup! 

Water is the secret sauce to feeling good, did you know that? Not drinking enough is like running a marathon in high heels. And, stress sucks water out of you so fast your cells don’t know what hits ‘em!

Need a mood lift, energy rebirth, or hormonal peace talks? Hydrate like it's your job! Aim for 3-4 L per day, more if you drink coffee and/or sweat a lot.

Bonus tip - add some fresh coconut water to your hydration plan.  Coconut water is the perfect combo of electrolytes to rehydrate lost nutrients and fluids without the nasty stuff commercial electrolyte drinks are made of. 

Blindly Popping 'Health' Candies

Got yourself a supplement stash? Be careful with this one. They're not always your friends. 

Without some professional oversight, they could be basement band players messing with your body's finely-tuned rock concert!  Supplements can too easily lead to nutrient gaps that plummet energy production and spike crazy hormonal imbalances.  And doing them wrong can lead to toxicity or prevent your body from performing its normal, natural metabolic functions to keep you safe and healthy. 

And, if you’re taking supplements that don’t jive with you like the perfect dance partner, you don’t need to take ‘em, no matter who told you to!  (Ahem, doctors’ orders for vitamins and minerals are almost always off-target when it comes to beating fatigue.)


Playing Deaf to A Symphony of Symptoms 

Your body speaks - loud and clear! Ignoring ongoing or worsening symptoms, despite your best efforts, might mean you're unknowingly giving an open invitation to long-term party poopers!

The perfect example is cravings - how many times have you tried to ignore or fight off a craving for cookies, candy, chocolate or a big pizza?  While indulging in those specific foods to keep that craving happy isn’t the best answer (though not completely off the table), it’s better to start tuning into your cravings to find out what they mean.  When you know what a craving for chocolate means, you’ll feel free to eat what you love and confident that you’re keeping yourself healthy and energized. 

(Want to find out more about this? Click here to book a Deep Dive Nutrient Gap Assessment so we can target your cravings and the hidden meanings behind them.)


Pushing Self-Care Down the Priority Ladder

We’ve all been here…jotting our self-care best intentions in our daily planner only to flash right by it in order to get just one more email sent or one last report reviewed. 

Treating self-care as optional is like ignoring the importance of chocolate on a bad day (see, sometimes it’s a necessity)! Taking time for you is crucial — it’s like giving your body its very own bear hug.

Going Solo When Support Is a Shout Away

Fighting the fatigue and hormonal crap-storm solo? Time to call in the troops! It's okay to lean on friends, family, support groups, or professionals. The journey to feel-good-town is always more fun with company!

(Check out some of my support opportunities - I've got something for most budgets and coaching preferences!)


Grab the Reins of Revitalized Vitality: Your Next Steps Towards Limitless Energy

Alright, it's time to put these energy-zapping culprits in the rearview mirror. Unmasking your sneaky blunders can be your golden ticket to a boundless energy utopia. 

While turning your back on these pitfalls, imagine you're not just stepping but leaping toward a world where your energy knows no limits. Picture this: You're so unstoppable that even your perpetually low-battery smartphone gives you envious side-eyes!

Remember, sweet sister-in-health, as you brace yourself to break free from these traps, you're in COMPLETE control. Consider your health as that untamed stallion, a majestic entity of sheer power, and guess who's got the reins? You, holding your destiny in your own hands!

No need to go solo on this. You're not alone, and there's no shame in reaching out. Demystifying the path to reclaiming your vibrant energy - that's where I step in. With my expertly designed Nutrient Gap Assessment, we can home in on what your body truly needs for faster energy recovery. It's personalized, simple, and the call of change you've been waiting for!

So, what do you say? Ready to lift the fog of energy depletion and dance in the sunlit fields of vitality instead? I’m inviting you, with open arms and a warm heart, to take that crucial leap towards your health transformation. Let's break those shackles of fatigue together! Book your Nutrient Gap Assessment today and kickstart your journey towards boundless energy. Because you don't just got this, you rule this!


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