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Inflammation: The Sneaky Sidekick Blocking Your Energy

adrenal health chronic fatigue hormones inflammation Sep 13, 2023
inflammation and exhaustion - what you don't know

Battling an endless parade of random health problems on top of trying to fix fatigue? 


Ugh, you know, the brain fog that turns into a migraine, that makes your knees ache.  Or the acid reflux that makes you feel bloated 20 minutes after eating.  Or the PMS that lays you out flat in a pool of tears every month. 


Not to mention how you’re walking a tightrope of “staying healthy” because every little germ you contact turns into an epic collection of sniffles, cough, chills and sinus congestion.


You’ve probably hit up every doctor and specialist in a 20-mile radius, getting poked and prodded, diagnosis after diagnosis, but not actually getting better.


Sound familiar?

That’s all called inflammation and it’s something that’s running wild like a pack of coyotes on a cool summer night. 


And once inflammation sets in, it ramps up to wreak havoc on your entire body, life and mind!  And it starts to feel like you’ve lost all control over your own health.  


Inflammation is rampant in our modern population, and women are hit hard by it’s exhausting and painful effects. 


Inflammation affects every single cell in your body - it’s a holistic health problem that requires a very specific holistic solution (something you’ll never receive from any of your doctors and their endless lab tests).


Why the Heck Are We So Inflamed?


It’s great to know that inflammation is the culprit.  But once you know why it’s happening - and getting worse month after month - you can start taking real, solid action against it. 


The Sugar Rush: Ever notice how that extra scoop of ice cream can lead to an energy crash and an inexplicable desire for more sweets? Or how the day after a big slice of chocolate cheesecake you get slammed with a nasty sore throat? Blame sugar! It's the naughty guest that invites the frat boys to your party, and orders a keg and bails as soon as your Mom’s precious china vase gets ambushed. Your body's inflammatory response? It's like trying to clean up after a candy land explosion!


Stress Monster: Stress is like the drama queen at the party who insists on center stage. When stress overstays its welcome, it triggers the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. This disrupts your body's harmony, leading to inflammation. Inflammation, in turn, triggers more cortisol (this is your Fatigue Cycle). 


Lazy Lounging: Sitting too much? It's like letting a week’s worth of garbage pile up under the sink, growing mould, maggots and flies! (Gross!) Prolonged sitting can lead to inflammation and a sluggish metabolism because toxins aren’t given an opportunity to be released from your body. Toxins, in turn, ramp up more inflammation! 

Air Pollution Pranksters: Speaking of toxins, smoke, pesticides, exhaust, metabolic debris and other toxins sneak into the party uninvited. They mess with your body's natural balance and spark inflammation and oxidative stress - a nasty 2-fold problem that drains your precious energy nutrients. 


Gut Troubles: Indigestion, acid reflux, partially digested food in your poop, constipation, diarrhea, cramps - these are all signs of poor gut health.  Popping a probiotic isn’t the answer.  Gut inflammation is a real problem and it’s often overlooked or inadequately addressed - this lets foreign stuff like protein molecules and toxins into your body, triggering systemic inflammation and weakening immunity.


Friendly Fire: Sometimes, your immune system goes into overdrive, like a knight trying to protect the kingdom from a tiny ant. This can happen in autoimmune conditions, where your body attacks itself, causing inflammation. Epstein Barr Virus is an example of a stealth infection that sends your immune system into overdrive - it leads to inflammation of the nervous system, causing a complicated collection of symptoms.


Late-Night Snackers: Late-night snacking? It's like an after-party that disrupts your sleep. Poor sleep is known to fuel inflammation. Inflammation of the brain interrupts sleep. Get these two working in harmony to fully enjoy symptomless health!

Weighty Matters: This one is complex! Extra fat cells act like little inflammation factories, spiking symptoms. But, inflammation also triggers more fat storage through its effects on your hormones. And, before you jump on the latest fad diet trends, fast-acting weight loss releases fat and all stored toxins - especially heavy metals - into your blood, impacting your detoxification system.  


Autoimmune Armageddon: For some, it's like having a friendly fire inside the castle walls. Autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's disease, can lead to chronic inflammation. The immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissues, causing a ruckus. Once an autoimmune condition sets in, you can’t reverse it; however you can tame the inflammation it’s causing to help manage symptoms easily.


Dietary Drama: Your diet is the biggest contributor to inflammation, even when you eat “clean” or “healthy”!  Imbalanced macros, fads restricting critical nutrients, and any type of mainstream detox diet cleanse will spike inflammation because they lack the fuel to tame the fire.  And, significantly, almost every single woman I know is not eating enough antioxidant-rich vegetables, despite being a health-conscious eater!

Food Allergies and Sensitivities: Even so-called healthy foods can cause sensitivities! You probably know what you’re allergic to - the symptoms pop up right away after eating these foods.  But food sensitivities go undiagnosed or unnoticed for years because their symptoms are subtle and take up to 72 hours to show up! 


Hormonal Imbalances: Hormones run the show, and cortisol is a notorious bandit when it comes to stealing energy and spiking inflammation.  Estrogen dominance fuels fat storage, and insulin tricks you into eating too much sugar or inflammatory carbs.  


What’s the Solution? Holistic Inflammation-Blasting Nutrition 


Of course, I am a holistic nutritionist, so naturally, I’m going to talk about holistic practices to fix inflammation problems! 


Because diet is the #1 cause of ongoing inflammation, as well as problems with digestion, detoxification, hormones and immunity, adjusting your food is going to give you a massive jolt of energy and a huge gush of inflammation-taming support.

And inflammation is tricky.  It shows up differently for every woman and its severity is altered by lifestyle habits, limiting beliefs and how you take care of yourself.  Where you live matters, the water you drink, the medications you take, and more influence inflammation too.


This is why the fastest way to tame inflammation is to get to know what your personal nutritional needs are with a Root Cause Deep Dive Assessment.  


If you’re set on Googleing your symptoms and testing out the food lists you find, you’ll stay stuck, building more inflammation and getting more exhausted.  Those lists are high-level nutrition based on group studies and individual nutrient research - which means they lack the individualized knowledge and understanding of what you, personally, need to beat fatigue.


Food lists have a lot of pro-inflammatory foods in them…for many women, especially women with a stealth infection like Epstein Barr Virus.


And for women battling burnout, you will create more fatigue and burnout by trying to figure out how to beat fatigue on your own - those Google search results are conflicting, confusing and time-consuming!!  (This is the #1 reason why women can’t beat burnout in my experience - the overwhelm they put on themselves by trying to do it all alone.)


Ready to take back your energy and live your life symptom-free and feeling so amazing that you can’t help but laugh in the face of chaos?  Book your Root Cause Deep Dive Session today.


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