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How to Create a High Energy Nutrition Lifestyle That’s Easy & Delicious

chronic fatigue energy nutrition May 17, 2023
high energy nutrition

I opened my mailbox and inside was my SELF magazine with a gigantic headline “Eat Your Way to High Energy”.  


It was like they’d heard my prayers.  Finally, I thought, a solution to beat my bone-crushing, soul-sucking exhaustion and get on with my life!


Dropping my backpack on the floor, I raced to the couch to peruse my new magazine.  Flipping through the pages, I finally found that  article and began to read it in earnest.


Halfway through, I gave up. 


Not only were they talking about eliminating most of the foods that were my staples (which I could sorta get behind, maybe), 


They’d created a meal plan that was designed for an energizer bunny with oodles of spare time and every single kitchen gadget on the market!


You know what I mean?


A different, complex recipe for every meal.  


Breakfast recipes that took 30 minutes or more to make (who has that time in the morning).


Lunches that required an actual stove or instapot - I was a student in university, I didn’t have the luxury of access to a full kitchen.


And dinners…oh my.  15+ ingredients. 3+ pans. 45+ minutes. 


Who were these people?!?! Obviously not nutritionists with any experience with real, honest exhaustion.


In a defeated huff, I tossed the magazine aside and went to my tried-and-true canned tomato soup with skim milk for lunch.  (ummm, ya, why was I tired?!?!)


Sigh…was I ever going to feel normal?


The way things were playing out in the ‘energy boosting’ world, I was very, very skeptical.


Because I’d tried so many different ideas, concepts, plans and supplements to fix my fatigue by then.  


And none of them worked.  


Some even made me gain weight.  Others messed up my sleep.  And more made me feel exponentially more exhausted!


Fast forward to my 30s when I decided enough was enough - I had to find a way to beat my fatigue. 


Because I was seriously sick of wasting my life on the couch!


It took a mortifying cystic acne situation to force my hand to ask for help…I look back on this and wonder…what was I thinking? (Oh ya, I thought I could fix my fatigue with “healthy” eating and whatever supplements my magazines recommended…)


But, because I felt so embarrassed to be seen and I still had to go to work (and wearing a baklava was frowned upon), I needed to fix the acne problem. 


My first real dive into natural health started here, with an online search for Naturopathic Doctors.  I found one that seemed perfect - she was a woman, she was an expert in women’s health and hormones, and she mentioned acne and skin issues on her website.  Score!


Honestly, I loved her right from the get-go.


Rather than the common practice of quadruple booking patients for each 15 minute appointment and only getting 3 ½ minutes to speed through 1-2 (only) health concerns, 


My new ND gave me a full 60-minutes of her time (I paid for it, yes, of course, I wouldn’t expect otherwise).  


She listened to me. 

She asked me questions.

She asked more questions to probe and dig further. 


And she provided me with an explanation about my acne that was so deep, so holistic, and so not anything I’d ever fully found online or in books!  (As a teenager, I always had acne but never this bad…so I felt I was really knowledgeable about the subject.  I wasn’t as much of an expert as I thought!)


That day, she gave me a full page protocol to begin, one with both foods to add to my diet and supplements to take.  That’s it - simple, to the point, and aligned with my problem.


After 3 months, my skin was clearing up and I was excited to go back for more!


1 ½ years later my skin was clear and has remained 98% clear (hey, I’m not perfect) ever since, that’s about 10 years.  




The glorious thing that happened throughout all this?  I finally got my energy on the upswing!


Not fully back, nope.  


But, it was increasing steadily.  No dips, no crashes, no remissions.  Just steadily rising week after week.  


The changes were subtle but I definitely noticed them.


And this totally lit a fuse in me to learn more!


I started with my ND, explaining my chronic fatigue and desire for more energy.  And she did a lot to support this goal.


But it just wasn’t getting me to a place where I felt normal.


Even with her protocols, I had to be cautious about stress, over-exercising, my sleep and my commitments.  


And it was during this phase of healing that I ended up burnout - full-blown adrenal fatigue.  


I’d increased my energy to the point where I was ready to take on more…and pushed myself too far.  My body wasn’t ready to take on all the new commitments I’d made so I crashed.


Curious to learn more, I started asking more people about using food to heal and discovered the world of holistic nutrition.  Researching this style of nutrition further, I loved the concept. 


It wasn’t about eating healthy. (That didn’t work.)

It wasn’t about restrictions. (Though sometimes this has to happen.)

It wasn’t about fad diets. (Thank goodness!)


It was about personalized nutrition, nutrition that’s aligned with each unique body with a root cause focus in order to promote balance, healing and longevity.


I was hooked!


I enrolled in the course and became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant.


And then I started to dabble with my newfound, deep-level nutrition principles.  Experimenting with all the little pieces I found that felt aligned with my desire to beat fatigue and live energetically.


I also have two other health goals for myself that my nutrition is always focused on:


  1. I want to never, ever deal with breast cancer.  As a woman who’s never been pregnant, I’m at a higher risk for this.
  2. I want to flow through to menopause with ease and grace, not experience any of the typical symptoms.  It’s possible - there are women out there on whole foods-based diets with regular exercise and minimal stress that do this!


Throughout my experimentation, I had a few setbacks where I crashed and regressed.  But, I learned from each attempt and protocol and was finally able to fully pull myself out of chronic fatigue long-term after about 3 years of work.


And, it’s been about 10 years now where I’ve been chronic fatigue funk free!  No remission.  No regression.  


Only healthy, happy, soaring energy.


And it’s been simple to maintain.  Why?  Because I created a nutrition lifestyle - not a diet - that is delicious, functional and easy to follow.


If you’re struggling to beat long-term fatigue, the answer isn’t to follow another fad diet or complicated meal plan.


It’s not supplements.


And it’s not about making life miserable because you can’t eat anything delicious anymore!


Energy is fuelled by nutrition, and when you create a lifestyle that aligns with your body’s needs, energy is so easy to create and maintain.  Sustainably and for life.


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