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From Fatigue to Freedom: 6 Strategies Successful Women Swear By

burnout chronic fatigue hormonal fatigue Sep 20, 2023
Simplifying Health for Busy Women

Are you getting tired of saying, "I'm tired all the time”? You're hustling daily, juggling everything from deadlines to dinner plans, squeezing every drop of energy to accomplish... well, life.

It's high time you reclaim our energy levels. "But how?" you ask, "I've tried everything." Well, aren't we all in for a treat today! Buckle up, ladies, as we navigate a blueprint to successfully reboot your energy. 

Did you know that over 90% of women will never hit their health goals???  Yikes, right? I bet YOU don’t want to be in that majority.

But how are the other 10% doing it (if not following all the trends on Google or TikTok)?

Women who do successfully hit their health goals think about things a little differently…

They simplify the process! Let’s break it down.



Make It Real & Challenging

First things first, you gotta know what you really, really want to achieve. None of this “I want to lose 20lbs” or “I just want to feel energized” bullsh*t, okay?  That’s for amateurs. 

Instead, ask yourself “What does feeling more energized actually look and feel like for me?”  In other words, dream big and get creative.  

  • Do you want to be able to wake up before your alarm feeling rested and excited to hit the gym?
  • Would you love to stay focused throughout the afternoon so you can confidently start asking for more rewarding tasks and projects?  Maybe start working towards a promotion?
  • Are you dreaming of going back to night school and want the energy and health to support that?

Define your true outcomes like this and then we’ve got something real to work with!

A small word of caution - it’s great to dream big but try not to make your goals too hard.  Like, let’s not go crazy and say “I really want to be able to juggle a family while earning my PhD in record time and still holding down my VIP Exec job!”  That’s a recipe for burnout.  

It’s only when you create very clear, concrete goals and combine them with a little bit of a challenge that you actually achieve change. 


Love On Your Goals

Be passionate about your energy goals! Just like you would for a work project or organizing your kid's birthday party, go all in your pursuit to banish fatigue. 

Choose goals to go after that light you up (even if it’s only in your mind today).  

Back when I was battling chronic fatigue, I would never have hit my goal if it had been about the gym.  That passion came midway through my transformation.

But I really, really wanted to feel successful at work, so staying focused and awake all afternoon got me excited just thinking about how I’d feel.  

Your energy rejuvenation journey doesn’t have to be boring.  Embrace this opportunity to go after something that you truly feel passionate about, no matter how small it may seem.



Trust The Process & Track It

Opt for a feedback cycle. Remember, what gets measured, gets managed! 

Energy is tough to quantify (as are most deep health transformations, honestly). But you can qualify your transformation. 

Monitor your food intake and note how well you stick to the plan. 

Set a sleep schedule and track how often you follow it. 

Give yourself a gold star for going for a 30-minute walk every day. 

And, of course, find a way to jot down and track your overall energy levels. (I like using a scale of 1-5.) Most of my clients don’t consciously notice how much their energy is improving until about the 3-month mark - up until then, they only notice when it’s bad!  But suddenly around month 3, they’ll excitedly email me and tell me how amazing they feel and about all the fun things they just did and they didn’t cause a crash.

So be open to fluid, small and subtle changes.

Special Note: Understanding your body will enable you to customize solutions that fit just right!


Connect Those Dots

This is where most health goals fall apart - they’re not fully aligned with the big outcome.

A perfect example is supplements. Despite their promises for higher energy, most supplements are unnecessary because they’re not aligned with what you, personally, need. 

And taking the wrong supplements is a quick ride to exhaustion and persistent health problems.

If your goal is to wake up energized after a great sleep, are your habits and actions aligned with that?

Are you going to bed before 10 PM?

Are you avoiding pro-inflammatory foods to reduce insomnia and sleep disturbances?

Are you NOT eating within 3 hours of bedtime?

If you’re not in alignment today or you’re just not sure what aligned actions are, maybe it’s time for some tweaking!



You're Not Alone!

Lean on trusted experts – whether it's a holistic nutritionist (like me!), a functional doctor, or a secret weapon (cough, this blog, cough), get help when you need it. No Superwoman can do it all, alone!

(Click here to book your very own 1:1 health assessment to uncover your personal energy success plan!)


Ditch Multitasking

Only 2.5% of the population can actually multitask with any success!

Still trying to “fix” your fatigue, hormonal imbalances and other painful health woes with a bunch of diet plans, pills, IV shots and belly breathing exercises?

While some of that may be in alignment, the more you throw at your health issues, the more stress you create.

And stress is an energy killer!

Instead, if you want to hit your energy goal, you gotta single-task!

This is the power of doing one perfectly aligned thing that will actually move the needle.  



Putting It All Together

Talya let go of years of nutrition, supplement, exercise and self-care advice and went all in with this formula for success.  Within 6 months, she’s transformed her energy from a 0/10 to a consistent 8/10 every single day.  And, she gained special skills that hav helped her avoid burnout and maintain high energy through some very stressful life events. 

Here’s how she did it:

  1. She got super clear on her goals, especially around how she wanted to show up for both her daughters and be more involved and happily engaged in their conversations, and within her business, to be able to sustainably grow it. 
  2. Her goals aligned with her inner passions, keeping her motivated.
  3. She diligently tracked her progress and she checked in monthly with a full head-to-toe health assessment to see the hidden changes happening inside.
  4. Her habits stayed perfectly aligned with her goals, tweaking each month as her health improved.
  5. She was very coachable, asking for help when she needed it and eager to bounce her own thoughts, experiences and ideas off me to figure out what was best for her journey.
  6. She maintained a single focus until she was ready to incorporate previous workout plans and supplements. Instead, she only followed the advice and habits that aligned with her goals.

Talya transformed her health within my VIP Experience, a 6 month immersive & personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching opportunity for ambitious women who are open to achieving high energy for life. 

And with that, here's to you – Energized Woman on a mission! Dive headfirst into your energy-boosting journey armed with these practical tips to turbocharge your days. Remember, you've got this, and we're all cheering for you!

Now, go out there and own your story. Be the Energized Woman you were always meant to be!


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