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5 Reasons Why Your Energy-Boosting Supplements Aren't Working

energy nutrition supplements Jan 17, 2024
energy-boosting supplements

And How to Fix It!


I get you. You’re an incredible woman who is out to reclaim all your energy, banish burnout for good, and wave goodbye to brain fog forever.  Because you’ve got ambitious goals to achieve this year and you refuse to let your health problems stand in the way of your success.


And you’re busy creating new courses, planning luxurious Latin American retreats, and organizing your business offers to make client success so much easier. 


So, naturally, you’ve dabbled in the world of energy-boosting supplements, hoping for that one magic pill to bring back your vitality and resilience that you used to have.  


But, as of yet, nothing is sticking…and you’re out hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars wasted on pills, potions and tinctures. And more confused than ever before.  


Not to mention, frustrated by the years wasted on vitamins and minerals that made you big promises about eliminating all your exhaustion, brain fog and stage fright under challenging times. 


The truth is, supplements are not, and never will be, a magic pill.  


And it’s NOT YOUR fault that they don’t work as promised.  


There are 5 very real reasons why your energy-boosting supplements don’t deliver the results you crave.  And 5 hard-hitting truths about why a personalized approach to energy rejuvenation and hormonal balance is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for.

#1 You’re Taking the WRONG Supplements (Thanks, Public Health Advice!)


It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that what works for the general population will work for you. However, the truth is that every woman is unique, and so are her nutritional needs. Public health advice tends to be broad and may not address the specific nutrient gaps your body is facing. (And if you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, or struggling with perimenopause hell, you’ve got some serious nutrient gaps.)


It’s kind of like a la carte versus a 10-item American buffet…In one scenario, you get a delicious, tailored to you meal that makes your taste buds sing, and in the other, it’s more mediocre enjoyment that fills a temporary void. 


To truly address your hormonal imbalances, you need a personalized protocol designed for you and your unique needs.


#2 Your Body Isn't Nutrient-Ready


Just like a key needs the right lock, nutrients often require cofactors and dependent nutrients to be fully utilized. And even if you’ve diligently invested in a handful of popular energy-boosting supplements, your body isn't equipped to absorb and utilize them effectively. 


If your nutrient absorption pathways resemble a blocked freeway during rush hour, your body won't be able to access the benefits of those supplements. It's like trying to fuel your car with a premium blend when the engine is clogged. Unblocking those pathways is crucial for your supplements to work optimally.


#3 Inflammation: The Silent Saboteur


Lots of things lead up to chronic low-grade inflammation, and most women don’t notice the signs until it’s very late in the game. Chronic stress, sugar cravings, nausea, aches and pains, chronic infections, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, and PMS are all signs inflammation is fired up! 


With inflammation, your cells can’t flourish - they won’t absorb energy-boosting nutrients, and they won’t respond to energy regulating hormones like thyroid, estrogen or cortisol.


And, of course, inflamed cells refuse to even acknowledge your energy-boosting supplements (even those supposed to be anti-inflammatory)! The secret is to find out why you’re inflamed so you can support healthy, vibrant cells that soak up energy-boosting supplements and nutrients.


#4 Oof, Subpar Energy-Boosting Supplements? No thank you!


Would you buy a designer handbag from a shady stress vendor?


While picking out the subpar supplement manufacturers isn’t as clear cut as the creepy guy trying to sell you a “Gucci” out of the trunk of his 1978 Thunderbird, there are some telltale signs of poor quality supplements. 


If they don’t have a Third-Party Certified stamp, like cGMP or NSF, don’t buy them. Choose “vegan” and “soy-free” if possible, and always look for versions with as few ingredients as possible. 


Another common problem with subpar supplements is the potency - the amount of each nutrient in each serving - is way too low to make an impact.  The only way to truly know that your supplements are high quality and potent enough to be effective is to work with a qualified supplements expert (like a Certified Holistic Nutritionist or Functional Nutritionist or Naturopathic Doctor). 


Steer clear of one-off supplements that aim to fill a trendy void, such a superfood herbal recently discovered in China to reverse adrenal fatigue, or any multi-level marketing (MLM) nutrition plans, like Arbonne or Isagenix. 


#5 Nutrient Gaps: The Unseen Roadblock


Each of the 30+ nutrients plays a vital role in maintaining harmony within your body.  If your supplements are incomplete or targeting the wrong problem, they can easily create large nutrient gaps elsewhere. 


A nutrient gap can be a nutrient deficiency, a nutrient excess, a nutrient steal, or a nutrient drain. Be careful with supplements because the public health articles that tell you, for example, to take Vitamin C and Zinc as an “immune booster” can and do create nutrient gaps within the B vitamins and copper. 


Nutrient gaps will always keep you stuck in the Fatigue Cycle no matter how consistent and thorough your energy-boosting supplement plan appears.


A personalized nutritional assessment is the only way to identify and address your unique nutrient gaps, allowing you to break free from the cycle and reclaim the energy and resilience you deserve.


The Truth About Supplements


Supplements are not magic pills. They're not a shortcut to health, but rather a valuable addition to a holistic approach. Prioritize nourishing your body with whole foods, incorporate regular exercise, ensure adequate sleep, and practice stress regulation through relaxation and rest.


Then, and only then, take a look at whether or not a supplement can “top up” what your body is missing. 


If you've tried it all and still find yourself trapped in the fatigue cycle, it's time for a change. 


Uncover Your Nutrient Gaps with Personalized Support


Are you ready to stop the cycle and reclaim your energy? It's time to take a personalized approach to your hormonal nutrition. Let's work together to uncover the unique nutrient gaps your body is facing and create a protocol that aligns with your specific needs.


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