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Detox Your Body For More Energy

brain fog detoxification hormonal fatigue supplements Mar 24, 2023
How to detox for higher energy

How do I stay energized?  I pick my battles wisely.


As I sit here writing this, I’m sipping on my non-organic coffee while intermittently chugging my triple filtered yet remineralized water.  I put on my toxic-free, all-natural moisturizer and used my all-natural conditioner in my hair.  But, my neighbors are burning charcoal and dead leaves, and the majority of the vehicles cruising past are burning diesel fuel.  


Just typing that made me cringe a little, actually.  Dioxins are the WORST! Yet, we really can’t get away from ALL the toxins…unless you wanna live in a bubble? (I didn’t think so.)

Toxins are, unfortunately, wild and free in modern society. It’s rare to find a corner of the Earth not affected.  I mean, those little nasties seep into our soil, which trickles into the water supply and flows out to our oceans!  


I have to laugh a little…I am currently living in Nicaragua where said dioxins are rampant.  Yet, there’s a group of people who are very health- and toxin-conscious who have moved here to “get away from toxic Western society”.  They complain about the fluoride in the drinking water (even though there are alternatives to purchase instead) yet don’t seem concerned with the diesel fuel and constant burning of wood and garbage.  


Anyway, it’s great to be concerned about your toxic exposure.  BUT, it’s not great to be too obsessed with it. 


Because you have options and, if you really want to become as healthy and energized as you possibly can, it’s best to just stop worrying and get down to business.


Make new choices.

Find alternatives and go with those.

Do what feels right for you!


It’ll reduce your overall stress load, which will support your body’s natural detoxification and elimination systems!


You Get To Choose


What you can do is make a few healthier choices around your usage and detoxification of the toxins you’re exposed to.  Focus on what you can control and work from there.


As in all things health, you always have the power to choose.


You get to choose which products you use to wash your clothes or your home. 


You have options for which personal care products to use most.


And you can enhance your air quality with more plants and air purifiers too.


What matters most in supporting healthy detoxification and creating a cleaner body and mind is that you don’t add more stress to your plate.


Which is why the concept of “detoxification” is one that needs to have a pin put in it.  Because, girl, the nonsense you’re seeing on Google about detox programs, cleanses and challenges is all wrong for your goals!



The WRONG way to Detox


So many people are laser-focused on heavy metals, EMFs and pesticides on their rice patties that they’ve become obsessed with one-off detox gimmicks like juice cleanses or charcoal supplements.  


Yes, heavy metals, chemicals on our crops and EMFs are horrible for our health but, remember, your body is an ecosystem that must be supported holistically for your detoxification system to thrive.


And there are many, many WRONG ways to battle toxins that actually wreck your natural ability to remove these baddies.  


Like the juice cleanse.  


STOP with the Celery Juice Already


Ladies, stop falling for the celery juice diet!  I mean, unless you’re excited to damage your energy hormones and make getting back your health and radiance so much harder…(hmm, I didn’t think so).


Juice cleanses that eliminate most nutrient-dense foods, like protein or healthy fats, will deprive your detoxification system of the very nutrients it needs to thrive.


And, when you juice, you remove almost all the good stuff from those vegetables and fruits - the fibre!  Fibre is what soaks up the toxins your liver and gallbladder have removed, helping to form a healthy bowel movement for complete elimination.  


Without fibre, your bowels will just reabsorb toxins and put more stress on your liver, kidneys and immunity.  



And, charcoal, along with other chelating supplements, binds to heavy metals.  But it also binds to minerals your body needs, flushing them right out of you.  


Instead, think about supporting, nourishing and loving on your detoxification systems, okay?  Deprivation is an energy killer.  


Step 1 - Know Your Enemies


Just a quick note on heavy metals - they can cause significant problems for your health.  


But they’re also so very toxic when they’re released that, if your detoxification ecosystem is weak, they will increase inflammation, toxicity, and free radical damage to your cells.  So only work on heavy metal detox once your body is strong, healthy, and capable of taking on this level of stress.  


For right now, you probably have a few key toxins circulating and stored in your cells that are impacting energy production.


The key players for most women right now are fluoride, graphene oxide, chlorine and mercury.  


If you just focus on supporting your body’s ability to clear and degrade these, you should feel so much healthier and energized fast.


Step 2 - Support Safe Removal of Toxins


You know in school when you’re asked to write a research paper?  


There are some steps that have to happen before you create that 10-page essay.


Like coming up with a thesis or topic.  Spending quite a few hours researching to find relevant data to use.  Creating an outline.  Right?


This is how you have to approach a safe, healthy and effective detoxification solution.


You know your goal - flush as many toxins as possible.


But you need to support that goal by setting up the foundations.


In this case, you need to increase your body’s ability to neutralize and eliminate the toxins that it’s supposed to be clearing.


Natural detoxification is a complex process. Throwing a few supplements or herbs at it, or trying to “flush” toxins with a juice cleanse isn’t going to combat the toxicity in a healthy, sustainable way.


The most effective way to elevate your detoxification is to fuel your liver!


Step 3 - Follow the Process


Super quick biology lesson:


Your liver has 2 phases of detoxification - Phase 1 is the oxidation phase, and Phase 2 is detoxification.  


During phase 1, toxins are broken down, yes, but free radicals are created.  These increase oxidative stress and inflammation throughout your body (an huge energy drain).


In order to prevent detox damage, your Phase 2 needs to be high functioning.  And that’s the Phase your detox protocol must start with!


Most detox programs only focus on Phase 1.


Phase 2 detoxification supports hormone removal, neutralization of BPA and Benoxophenone-3; medications; heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic; alcohol; hydrocarbons and carcinogens; caffeine; histamine; and salicylates.


Step 4 - Feed Your Liver


What’s the best, fastest way to improve Phase 2 detoxification?


Fuel your liver with the highest quality nutrients found in real, whole foods, of course.



Here’s what you need to eat more of:


  • Turkey, chicken
  • Beef, bison
  • Lobster, shrimp, crayfish, oysters
  • Eggs
  • Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds
  • Almonds
  • Lentils, legumes, beans
  • Citrus fruits
  • Fresh, colorful vegetables
  • Avocados
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Dandelion root
  • Onions, garlic, leeks, 


Step 5 - Add in Boosters


A healthy diet is often enough to dramatically improve detoxification and elimination.  And you will feel energized, focused, and radiant when your diet in on par to support a healthy liver.


But, if you’re looking for a little bit more, make sure to add in daily sunlight exposure and exercise.


NAC (n-acetyl cysteine), zinc, magnesium glycinate and Epsom salt baths increase detox support, too.


But in my expert opinion, there are only 2 supplements you need for amazing detox support:  milk thistle and a great Greens powder.



Milk thistle helps support regeneration of liver and kidney cells plus it stimulates bile production - a critical piece of healthy detox.


Greens powders are a concentrated form of antioxidant nutrients that your liver thrives on.  My favorite brand is Genuine Health.


Both milk thistle and greens are safe to consume daily, long-term, too (unlike many other supplements).


Step 6 - Get Support


I like to call myself the Women’s Energy Hormone Repair Technician!


Every single woman I’ve worked with has had damaged energy hormones.  And the biggest culprit behind them?  You guessed it - bad detox programs and juice cleanses.


Depending your health history, how long you’ve been struggling with exhaustion, and what detox (or other programs) you’ve tried, it’s very possible that doing a healthy, safe detox refuelling process like this might not make you feel better.


And that’s a sure sign that there are some damaged hormones that need fixing first!


So if you’re in a cycle of trying to support and fuel your body properly and still not seeing or feeling the results you want, let’s get you out of that rut and into your own success path.


This means finding out what’s actually going on under the surface of all those symptoms and health frustrations to identify your deep WHY - the root cause.


If you’re into knowing how to actually beat fatigue and fuel your body for maximum health with ease, your invited to book a Deep Dive Discovery call with me to finally start your energy healing journey.


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