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Crucial First Step to Get More Energy Naturally

energy nutrition fatigue hormones inflammation Dec 23, 2022
Get more energy naturally crucial first step

Are those generic energy boosting tips not working?  Are you fed up by the confusing new ways to “beat fatigue”?  Are you ready to say “GOODBYE” to the damaging, unfeminine advice to get more energy naturally? 


And are you excited to FINALLY start knocking your to-dos off with ease and confidence? 


You can do this!  It all starts with one crucial step – the only step that ensures you get more energy naturally.


You have to BREAK the Fatigue Cycle!



Frustrated and Exhausted – When Will It End?


Have you ever woken up so utterly exhausted that it feels like you’ve been run over by a train?


Or felt so frustrated and defeated because you think you slept well for 10+ hours but your head hurts from fatigue anyway?


Explaining this painful, life-impacting level of exhaustion is so defeating, too.  No one “gets” what you’re going through, you feel ignored, unheard, and brushed aside with every attempt for help.


No matter what you try – managing your stress, taking your vitamins, eating healthy, or limiting caffeine – it feels like your entire body is rebelling against you.


And you start to wonder, when will this ever end?  Is this IT for me???


When you’re struggling to get more energy naturally and all the popular natural options aren’t working, it can feel a lot like pushing a boulder up a steep hill.



And there is a very real reason for this. 


It’s your Fatigue Cycle…and the fact that NONE of the popular natural energy boosting advice is addressing this problem.


Endlessly & Effortfully Trying to Fix Fatigue


Women are exhausted, living a shell of the life they’re truly meant to live.


And no matter how much they ask for help – doctors, naturopaths, alternative treatments – they’re stuck in a vicious cycle.


Cycling between a few weeks of feeling “better” followed by a crash, flare, or funk. Battling exhaustion that snaps them right back to square 1. 


I hear this all the time – women dive into a new program that promises higher energy fast.  They feel hopeful that this time will be THE time that things will turn around.



Women are determined and driven. They excitedly commit for a few weeks, enjoying a few blissful days of higher energy.


And then something in life – a project at work, a sick child, a blow to the ego – knocks them off the path they were on, shoving them back to the bottom of the deep, dark pit of fatigue.


It takes a while but eventually they feel ready to try again.  And, once more, they dive into a popular energy boosting protocol.


As the pattern repeats, women never get more energy naturally and start to believe something is wrong with them. (Not true!)


The next time they try to fix their fatigue, it feels so much harder; it seems to take way longer, and they are kicked off that energizing path so much easier round after round.


What’s happening?


The Women’s Energy Crisis


Every time a woman is told it’s “normal” to feel so exhausted;


Each time a woman is brushed off by her medical care team;


Or told to stop being so lazy, sleep more, or just move her body more often;


She is violently thrust back into that state of feeling so alone, losing hope that she’ll ever live a life that she feels joy to wake up for.


And every time a woman attempts to get more energy naturally with the latest fad program – a detox cleanse, more supplements, controlling her stress, exercise, etc. – she is putting her whole body through the ringer.


Between feeling and being ignored and neglected by most medical professionals and taking initiative and trying as many new energy boosting regimes as she can, a woman is hurting her chances of fixing her fatigue.



However, it is possible to reverse and eliminate chronic exhaustion and burnout naturally; the secret is the crucial first step to healing her body.


The Fatigue Cycle


Energy is life, and you need abundant zest and zing to make each day exciting, accomplishing the tasks you need to do faster so that you can enjoy more time doing the things you love, with the people you love.


Energy to be able to wake up so refreshed you eagerly jump out of bed without an alarm, thrilled that your libido has reignited, and pumped to spend an evening with friends.


Inside almost every single cell that makes you up there is a little organelle called the mitochondria.  Inside each mitochondrion, energy is made that lights you up, fuels your brain power, and keeps you dancing through life.


And when those mitochondria are shut off from the nutrients and hormones needed to make all that energy, you suffer with exhaustion.


This is where your energy rejuvenation journey begins – a deep dive look at why your mitochondria aren’t performing optimally anymore.


The answer?  Chronic low-grade inflammation and a poorly functioning stress response.  (Note that chronic stress isn’t the cause of low energy, it’s only a trigger of a poor stress response.)


Inflammation is a response to pathogens, toxins, certain hormones, and other foreign particles that your immune system is designed to get eliminate. 


Chronic low-grade inflammation is a survival mechanism, sending signals to your adrenals (where stress hormones are made) and to your cells to protect the body.


Inflammation directly impairs the cells’ ability to allow energy production hormones and nutrients from getting into the mitochondria.


This is bad!


And inflammation triggers a surge of cortisol release (your main stress hormone).


Cortisol starts to circulate, popping into the game to turn off digestion, healing, and reproduction in order to protect and save the body.


While that response is great in an acute, short-term stressful event, it’s very dangerous to the body long-term. 


Cortisol acts as a pro-inflammatory trigger, causing the immune system to pump out more of the cells designed to kill off foreign invaders. 


But also telling the cells to turn DOWN energy production.


As cortisol spikes, inflammation expands; as inflammation continues to flow throughout your body, more cortisol is released. Nutrients are depleted and stolen from energy production mechanisms.


And your mitochondria are unable to make energy for you.


THIS is the Fatigue Cycle and it must be broken first to successfully get more energy naturally!



Ready to Get More Energy Naturally?  Do This First


The Fatigue Cycle is strong, it’s fierce, and it’s very sensitive to stress and inflammation triggers!


Which is why most modern, mainstream “energy boosting” advice isn’t working – those tips actually create more stress and inflammation inside your body!


And, each time you follow a restrictive diet, rigid workout plan, or introduce another supplement to your routine, your stress load is multiplying.


No one has taught you how to break the Fatigue Cycle…until now!


The secret to breaking the cycle is to attack it from all the angles, holistically.



First, nutrition.


You’re serious about feeling capable of taking on all the high-profile projects your boss throws your way. 


You’re eager to feel competent after every conversation and meeting, quickly recalling details without referring to your copious notes.


Which means you need to be serious about your diet.


The biggest mistake women with fatigue make is not following through on energy healing food rules long enough, letting little pieces of inflammatory foods sneak in.


And it’s rare to see anyone teach you how to replace those foods with nutritious, energizing alternatives, too.


This makes it easy to stay stuck, eating “healthy” but not getting more energy.


Rule #1 – Avoid the Top 4 Pro-Inflammatory Foods Completely.


For at least 3 months, totally remove all cow’s milk dairy (even yogurt), sugar and sugar alternatives (no diet soda), vegetable oils (like safflower or sunflower), and gluten.  If you want to boost this further, take out the grains – oats, buckwheat, etc.


Instead, fill your plate with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, quinoa, raw nuts and seeds, olives and coconut, and good quality protein. 


Rule #2 – Ditch the supplements.


Unless you’ve been instructed to take supplements by a health care professional, stop all supplements for at least 2 months.  This gives your body a break from the stress of breaking these down and detoxifying any poor-quality ingredients. 


A mini-break also allows your body to start naturally producing many of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes it forgets how to make with months or years of supplement use.


Secret? Most women aren’t taking the right supplements anyway, which only speeds up and strengthens their Fatigue Cycle.



Next, lifestyle factors.


Yes, you need sleep to beat fatigue.  Poor sleep – whether that’s an erratic sleep schedule, not getting enough or sleeping too much – will trigger cortisol release.  Fix sleep first!


Movement is a key energizing factor, but it has to align with what your body can handle.  A simple walk is more than enough to focus on right now. 


Self-care and stress reduction activities should always be part of your daily schedule.  Choose at least one activity that slows your body and mind down at the end of every day. 


Most importantly, the mindset piece.


You can’t beat fatigue if you’re tuned into stress-inducing limiting beliefs or following traditional thought patterns that don’t serve you. 


Work on tuning into your own intuition – what does your body need right now to feel more energized?  Ask yourself this question multiple times throughout the day, especially before you jump into the latest fad energy-boosting program!


Let’s Break the Cycle Together


Imagine feeling called to turn up the music and dance in your living room every single evening.


Or to feel deep joy, peace, excitement, and gratitude for your amazing life and all the success you’ve achieved.


And to enjoy so much confidence in your health that you’re the first to go after the latest high-ticket client or request an interview for a C-level position.



If you’re ready to break your Fatigue Cycle and recreate your life on your terms so that you can be the high-functioning entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be, or be the most fun-loving, adventurous mom you’ve only wished you could be until now, let’s get you started!


Let’s tune into your root causes of fatigue and identify the strength of your Fatigue Cycle so that you can break it…successfully and sustainably. 


And start feeling what true healthy levels of energy, focus, accomplishment, and joy feel like!

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