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Fueling Your Way to All-Day Energy: Holistic Nutrition Tips for Chronic Fatigue and Burnout

adrenal health burnout chronic fatigue Jul 25, 2023
Unlock your inner superwoman with chronic fatigue and burnout holistic nutrition solutions.

Do you crave sleep like a sugar addict craves chocolate-covered donuts?  Does it feel like you’re living in a 70-year-old body (but you’re only 40)? Are you fed up with all the random tactics to battle your chronic fatigue and burnout…and none of them work?

If it feels like you’re running on empty no matter how much you sleep, how great you eat and how amazing you are at saying “no”, then I feel ya because I’ve been there.  And I know you’re not the only woman out there struggling with chronic fatigue and burnout that just won’t go away. 

I’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of exhausted women who are stuck in a constant war with fatigue, who feel like no one hears them and who can’t understand why all the “energy-boosting” tips & tricks aren’t working.  And I’ve had the honor of helping these women uncover the truth behind chronic fatigue and burnout and help them break free from fatigue.  

It’s about ditching the narrative!!  (Are you starting to get sick of that phrase too???)  Traditional health practices don’t cut it when it comes to women battling chronic fatigue and burnout.  And most natural health strategies are lacking some serious juice to help busy, ambitious women successfully achieve all-day energy too.  

Success begins by taking a big step back - get out of those weeds and stop the rabbit-hole research - and learning how to see your health as a holistic system!  This is the secret to unlocking high energy all-day, every day.  

Understanding Chronic Fatigue and Burnout: The Real Struggle

Let's face it – being a modern-day Wonder Woman comes at a cost. 

You're juggling your career, family, social life, and trying to keep up with the latest episode of your favorite TV show (who has time for eight hours of sleep?). 

It's no wonder that chronic fatigue and burnout have become unwelcome guests in your life. But how exactly do we define this so you get the most effective help? 

Chronic fatigue is like that annoying relative who sticks around even after you've politely asked them to leave, taking over your guest bedroom and telling you what’s wrong with your cooking, cleaning and parenting! It's persistent exhaustion that goes beyond feeling simply “tired”. 

Burnout, on the other hand, is the wicked witch that swoops in and drains you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It creeps up slowly until one day it slams you in the wall like a demon haunting your house who’s just been provoked by your kid’s Ouija board. 

Breaking free from fatigue like this on your own is like trying to drag yourself out of a pond of quicksand that keeps pulling you further and further down into its depths. It’s really tough, it’s really scary and it’s really exhausting. 


The Power of Holistic Nutrition: Fueling Your Inner Superwoman

Holistic nutrition saved my life.  I mean, I wasn’t in a life-threatening car accident and suddenly holistic nutrition swooped out of the air to save the day.  But I did wonder why I had been born and what my purpose on this planet was if all I could manage was sleep.  

I’d spent 20 years battling painful fatigue.  I’d wasted thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on “energy-boosting” treatments that raised my hopes only to crush them with a big rock when nothing happened. 

So my secret weapon in battling chronic fatigue and burnout was holistic nutrition - specifically learning that it’s so important to know what the underlying health problems are that cause the fatigue.

You gotta know the root cause of a problem if you want to fix it right!

And energy is holistic - energy is created in virtually every cell in your body.  It’s also influenced by other cells, pathogens, hormones, foods, thoughts, behaviors and so much more.  

Those quick fixes like 30-day meal plans or energy-boosting supplements or even a 1-hour acupuncture treatment aren’t powerful or complete enough to help you holistically reset your body back to its natural high-energy state of being. 

Let’s get you started on the powerful holistic nutrition strategy that’s helped my clients reclaim their energy and their life’s dreams and desires within just a few months. 


Superfoods for Supercharged Energy

Imagine waking up feeling totally refreshed and absolutely enthusiastic to jump out of bed and dive into your day!

Imagine sitting down at your computer after lunch and feeling confident that you’ll pound out that report by the end of the day without breaking your focus. 

With holistic, root cause focused nutrients swirling through your body, you can have all that and more.

Start by incorporating nutrient-dense whole foods into every meal and snack.  Balance your meals with protein, healthy fats and fibre.  Add more vegetables to your daily diet and keep the fermented foods like kombucha, dairy-free yogurt and miso soup coming to feed your gut bacteria.

There’s no secret list of “superfoods” for high energy to worry about - all you need is a plateful of veggies, good quality protein like chicken or whole eggs, and some healthy fats like raw almonds or a big glug of olive oil.  Eat foods you love, choose real foods over fake ones, and always balance those macros!

Low-carb and low-cal diets are an energy killer!

Hormones: The Fuel for Your Energy Engine

Hormones rule the world!  Well, they run the show when it comes to your body and health.  

If just one of your hormones is out of balance, it’ll create a domino-effect of hormonal imbalances throughout your body.  Energy metabolism and energy production are controlled by hormones - if your hormones are out of whack or your cells don’t respond to them, no amount of healthy, energy-boosting foods will get rid of chronic fatigue and burnout. 

Fuel your hormones with good quality protein and lots of omega-3 fats like raw nuts and seeds, avocados, olives, and wild-caught salmon.  Do your part to help regulate your stress response with daily relaxation and breathing exercises.  

Ditch hormone-disrupting foods and chemicals like sugar, cow’s milk dairy, gluten and traditional personal care products. 

Switch up your diet and habits to create a hormone-friendly environment to combat chronic fatigue and burnout. 

With healthy hormones, you’ll say goodbye to crash-and-burn energy cycles, leaving you energized and ready to conquer each day!


Root Cause Solutions: Unleashing Your Inner Detective

Did you know that I wanted to become a behavior analyst with the FBI so that I could study the minds of the most heinous criminals? I am still fascinated by how people think and I wanted to become a detective of the mind to get answers to questions like “why are you so compelled to do such horrendous things?!?!”

And now, with holistic nutrition, I get to put on my detective hat and get to the bottom of the chronic fatigue and burnout mystery. 

Symptoms are important but in this case we don’t want to put too much focus on them.  They guide our story and help uncover what really matters - the root cause! 

All-day energy only comes once the root cause is addressed. And this root cause is always a little bit different for each woman.

But, you can get started with a root cause-focused solution by knowing that your energy is made inside your cells by the mitochondria. 

The mitochondria need 2 things to make energy for you: specific nutrients and healthy hormones. 

So, we want to ensure that you’re fuelling your body with all the nutrients it needs to produce energy.  But that's not all!  We also need to make sure all your nutrient gaps are refueled because any time your cells are deprived of their own fuel, this triggers stress.

And when stress is triggered, your hormones are activated - specifically cortisol by the adrenals. Cortisol increases inflammation and acts as a gatekeeper to your other hormones, turning them way down. 

This is why a holistic nutrition strategy is so powerful to beat chronic fatigue and burnout and give you all-day energy - it refuels all your nutrient gaps and rebalances and strengthens your entire hormonal system (and many other things happen, of course).


Unwind and Recharge: The Power of Self-Care

Remember when they said self-care was selfish? 

Well, then let’s all be way more selfish, shall we?

Taking care of yourself is the ultimate act of rebellion against the norms that drain your energy. Whether it's through yoga, meditation, bubble baths, or indulging in your favorite binge-worthy Netflix drama, self-care is crucial for combating chronic fatigue and burnout. You’ve gotta treat yourself like the queen you are!


Empowering Exercise: Channel Your Inner Wonder Woman!

Boost your energy levels and harness your inner warrior!  

Exercise gets to be fun, enjoyable and totally yours when you’re about finding all-day energy.  

Don’t let mainstream exercise advice get in your way.  Of course you’re too exhausted to pick up a brand-new 30-day HIIT challenge (and women who are tired should not be doing HIIT anyway).  And I’m definitely not telling you to go out and hire a personal trainer who’s going to yell at you to “do more, go harder, push through!”

Nope, that’s not how we exercise when we want to kick chronic fatigue and burnout to the curb.

Instead, pick 1 or 2 activities that you love or at least feel like you can commit to - walking, dancing, yoga, light weights - and do these for at least 30 minutes a day. (You can break up this 30 minutes into smaller time periods if that’s easier right now.)

Exercise, or movement, is a critical piece in beating fatigue but it has to be done in a way that doesn’t add more stress to your body.  This is what’s missing from most exercise programs you’ll find online so don’t get drawn into the world of fitness gurus unleashing their wrath for not following their advice.  And definitely don’t get sucked into the void of beating yourself up for missing a workout because you were tired and then telling yourself to just go for it because you “should do it today”. 

Shift your energy levels to attract more all-day vitality and confidence with tailored movement that revitalizes your body and your mind.

With the right exercise strategy, you'll feel like Wonder Woman in no time!

Write Your Own Empowered Ending

Unleash your inner fire and upgrade your energy, focus and health with root cause-focused solutions that are designed for an exhausted woman.  Start with the tips outlined in this post and, when you commit, you’ll notice your brain clearing and your energy starting to vibrate through your cells.

Of course, you’ll kick fatigue to the curb so much faster when you know exactly what your personal root cause imbalances are and what nutrient gaps you need to refuel first.  This is how I can help you get onto your personal energy rejuvenation success path to achieve your high energy goals faster.  If you’re ready to embrace the power of holistic nutrition and become one of the Energized Women revolutionizing their lives, click here to book an assessment with me.

Remember to thrive, not just survive! Your high energy days await!


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