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5 Natural Solutions for Stimulating All-Day Energy

adrenal health burnout energy nutrition hormonal fatigue Jun 14, 2023
natural solutions to boost woman's energy and health

One of my favorite spots in Granada to grab a coffee or delicious smoothie just announced a new juice - the Zanzibar. 


Of course I’m drawn to it - it has beet juice!  


Maintaining high energy so that I can hit the gym every morning at 5 AM, run out for a quick round of fresh produce at the mercado, and still feel excited to cook dinner every night is really important to me.


Because it didn’t come easily.  The journey was long.  And filled with many, many failures!


But you don’t know what you don’t know…until you do, right?


LIke, I thought all I had to do was eat healthy food, take a bunch of supplements to “boost” my nutrition, and move my body. (That movement one was really tough, though, when my fatigue was at its worst!)

Limit Your Supplements


I used to get sucked into hours of Google research, ending up with lists and lists of supplements I needed to take to fix all my health problems.


And, yes, I went out and bought most of them.  At one point, I had 28 bottles of vitamins, minerals and adaptogens on the go!


This was totally the wrong approach to beating my fatigue.  And it’s a path so many women get drawn into - the idea that they should just “supplement away” each symptom.


What oodles of supplements do to your body is not what you want - it adds to the stress and detoxification load, increases inflammation and worsens your cells’ ability to make energy.


Addressing various symptoms with supplements may seem like a great plan but it’s actually a recipe for a very long and frustrating road to recovery.


Instead, find out what nutrient gaps you actually have first - there’s no point in taking something if you don’t need it, right?  And, just because you have most of the symptoms of a nutrient deficiency, doesn’t mean you actually have that gap.  


There are many, many overlapping symptoms between the nutrient gaps.  You have to look at the deepest imbalance in order to address the true problem (and that’s not commonly vitamin B12 or iron in women with chronic fatigue).

Avoid “Healthy” Foods


The biggest misconception in eating for high energy is that all foods labelled “healthy” are good for you.  


“Healthy” can range from fresh fruits and vegetables, to farm-raised poultry, to gluten-free crackers and sugar-free condiments.


The real type of food you need to eat is “whole” food - foods sourced as close to nature as possible.


This includes fresh (or frozen) fruits and vegetables, legumes and lentils, raw nuts and seeds, high quality fruit oils (like coconut or avocado), farm-raised poultry, beef and eggs, and wild caught fish and game, like bison.  


“Healthy” is also applied to whole-grain pastas and breads, canned vegetables and snack bars sweetened with agave nectar. 


Greek yogurt is a common “health” food that spikes inflammation and contributes to hormonal imbalances in women, leading to brain fog, energy crashes and problems clearing old hormones.


The best way to eat for high energy is to get to know your own body - unlock your personalized nutrition profile so that you can start choosing the best, most rebalancing & nourishing foods for your healing journey.


Stop Stressing About Stress


Let’s stop beating this dead horse already.


Yes, stress contributes to fatigue. 


Yes, if you can control or reduce stress, your give your adrenals a break.


But more importantly, stress isn’t going away so why not support your stress response so it can keep up with the inevitable stress load that we all have to live with?


This means finding out what nutrients your body is missing - these are your personal nutrient gaps - and start refueling the biggest holes that make your stress response weak.  


Strengthen your entire stress response system to stop feeling overwhelmed.  Instead, feel empowered to create a solution in the face of the next big stressor.  


Fuel up your adrenals so they can keep up with your busy, hectic, demanding lifestyle so that you can stay on top of your to-do list and feel accomplished at the end of every workday. 


Create a 10-minute daily practice to activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System - deep belly breathing, laughing out loud at your favorite The Office Bloopers collection, or sing out loud on your drive home from work.


Cancel Your Gym Membership


If you’re exhausted all the time, struggling to get even the most mundane tasks done at home, and wishing you could crawl into bed at any given moment each day, the gym is not for you (right now).


Exercise doesn’t equal higher energy in women battling bone-crushing fatigue!


This is another big mistake that mainstream health has shared over the past few decades.  It’s also a contributing factor to the epidemic of chronic fatigue and burnout among women.


It’s not earning you a badge of honor to push through your fatigue to complete your scheduled workout each day.


Pushing yourself too hard when exhausted adds more stress load to your adrenals, spiking inflammation and creating more burnout symptoms. 


Instead of the gym, start walking.  


Get outside, preferably in the sunshine, and walk at a pace that feels good.  Not only will walking give you your daily exercise quota, but you’ll actively reduce your stress response and improve toxin release from your body.


Be More Selfish


Stop putting everyone else’s needs in front of your own!


If you’re hanging on by a thread, you’re not adequately serving them either.  


Take some time to reflect on your lifestyle and look for places to say “no” more often. Do more activities to serve you and your health needs right now.  


If you aren’t more selfish, you’ll never heal.  


Are you staying up late every night to spend time with your partner?  Take a few nights to go to bed early to help improve your sleep.


Are you skipping breakfast because your family needs you to make them breakfast and put together their lunches?  Ask them to start making their own meals, find ways to speed up the mornings by making food the night before, or give them money to buy lunch instead.  


Do you drop your afternoon meditation the minute you sister or mom calls you for something mundane?  Try screening the calls to find out if it’s truly important for you to neglect yourself.  Start telling them that you’ve got plans.  


Here is your permission to be MORE selfish each week!



The End of Chronic Fatigue is Yours


You deserve to feel energized and healthy. 


Yet, along the journey, you’ve been misled to believe that you can fix your fatigue with surface-level, band-aid solutions. 


Or that you can figure out how to restore your health without working with an expert in nutrition and energy rejuvenation.  


And perhaps that common “energy boosting” tips are meant for a busy, exhausted and overwhelmed woman who just wants to be able to get through her entire day without desperately wishing it were over.  


You’re meant to have high energy - you just need to start focusing on the root cause and fix it with what your body personally needs to heal.  Get started with a Root Cause Deep Dive Discovery session with me today - we’ll clear up all the confusion and get you on your unique path to fast energy rejuvenation in 60 minutes!  


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