Become the high energy woman who feels successful and accomplished in her work (and 100% capable of doing everything she needs to stay on top of her personal goals too)!

I'm Ready To Crush My Fatigue!

You've got a fast-paced career or business, and/or a demanding family, so chances are you've got some BIG health and energy dreams for yourself...'re struggling to keep up with daily challenges and starting to dread getting up each day.


You want to be successful but the constant influx of deadlines, pressure to stand out, difficult conversations, not to mention the dynamics of managing your personal life are all battling for your very limited capacity right now.


So that you can be the high energy woman who can hit her next career milestone while also staying on top of her personal goals.

Hi! I'm Daina

From 3 PM naps in the office bathroom & being crushed by fatigue after a 20-minute walk to...

Laser-sharp focus all 8+ hours of work + loving long walks with my dog before dinner! 

I recharged my own energy with the simple, potent foods that my body needed to refuel all its energy production mechanisms!

And I'm sharing my discoveries and expertise with YOU!

Jenn B

I noticed an increase in my energy in just 5 days and it steadily increased each day after that. I no longer get afternoon energy crashes and I don't need to nap after lunch!

Janice M

I feel more energetic, not looking for food when I shouldn't be hungry (boredom). I am planning my meals, eating in my window, and stopping by 6 PM has helped me with sleep, energy and just generally feeling good.

Carleigh W

I have seen great improvements, good energy, loss of inches, strength gains at the gym. Focus is improving also which is helpful in slimming down the time it takes to do "need to do" tasks!

Sonia R

I have so much energy now that I don't want to sleep! And my periods have been amazing! I just feel so GOOD in my body.

Your life is busy.  You want to thrive in your career. Your time & attention is always in demand.

For all of that, you need ENERGY!

You're ready to transform your health from exhausted to energized so that you can keep up with everything and everyone in your life.

You know you need SOMETHING to help you fix your fatigue but...

You don't have extra time for regular coaching or health appointments.

And you want something REAL - not another fad diet, or gimmicky supplement package that's just going to slingshot you back to square 1.

The Crush Your Fatigue Protocol is the perfect solution for you, someone who wants to reclaim her energy and gain a deeper understanding of her own body.  

And re-energize your life and stay like that for life!

However, here are a few things that are really REAL for you right now:

Sounds like you're serious about fixing your fatigue!

The Crush Your Fatigue Protocol is a unique nutrition program because it's been lovingly developed with your female hormones in mind. It's created to be flexible and personalized to fit inside your busy schedule.  And it's holistic - this means that every area of your body that needs an energy upgrade will be addressed!

Yes! I'm so ready to get started!

Want to hear a bit more?

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Here's everything you get Instant Access to upon saying YES!

Say "hello" to higher energy in just 6 weeks!


  • The proven nutrition protocol to break your Fatigue Cycle and refuel & strengthen all your energy hormones and pathways ($699 value)
  • Stress response strengthening & resiliency with strategic energy production enhancement protocols ($299 value)
  • Recipes and meal plans that perfectly align with your energy recovery goal, with flexible options like food swaps, meal planning guidance and snack ideas ($199 value)
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and discover how easy it is to rewrite old stories into powerfully uplifting thought patterns using my 5-step process ($399 value)
  • Stay on track after the program with the Compliance & Maintenance support package ($399 value)
  • Enjoy the insightful health assessments to help you continue to improve energy by developing a deeper understanding of your own body. ($499 value)

Total Value - $2494.00.

Today's investment - $444.00

All program sales are final.

Yes! Let's do this!

Shannon V

Daina has given me more clarity than years of searching and she also gave me direction to focus on. My energy keeps improving and I can hear what my body needs now. 

Tara P

When I first started following Daina's program, I was a negative energy - less than 0/10!  Now I feel energized - 8/10 - every day, and I know what I need to do to stay there.

Sarah D

I struggled with exhaustion for 20 years and finally felt GOOD in my own bod with Daina's guidance and nutrition. No one has ever given me such in depth insight about my body.

Jenna M

I can't recommend Daina highly enough! She's helped me increase my energy, balance my hormones and feel good in my own body again. I love her integrative approach and ability to get to the root cause.

Ready to say "goodbye" to feeling:

  • fed up with insomnia & painful brain fog?
  • out of control emotionally, like who knows what's gonna set you off next time?
  • like you're stuck on a hamster wheel of trying the latest energy fad?
  • as though your fatigue is running your life, and you're simply an unwilling spectator?

Yep, that's what I thought!

If you're ready for a GIANT leap into the world of high energy, laser-sharp focus, & total confidence in your health choices, 

The Crush Your Fatigue Protocol is waiting for you! Join anytime. 

Okay Okay - I'm SO ready to crush my fatigue!