The Epstein Barr / Chronic Viral Infection Fatigue Remission Nutrition Protocol

for busy, exhausted women who are excited to recover all the energy, radiance & health they desire to achieve all their career, business, family and/or personal goals!

Yes, Let's Get Rid of My Viral Fatigue Now! ($444 USD)

A complete, simple holistic nutrition program for women battling chronic EBV/CFS who want to start living a life full of energy, abundance, joy and motivation!

The secret to putting EBV/CFS into remission is to hit it where it starts - a weakened immune system.


Antivirals aren't enough to restore the health if your immunity; you need something powerful that will give your immune system everything it needs to kill off and get rid of the active viral cells.


Nutrient deficiencies are the #1 cause of a weakened immunity.  And many of the foods and supplements we're told to eat & take by Google create worse nutrient gaps within your body.


Which means, it can't keep up with the fast replication of your stealth infection.

To put your Viral Exhaustion into Remission, we need to focus on the 3 areas of Immune Health:


Load your body up with natural antivirals, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and antioxidants to quickly strengthen your immunity.


Many triggers deplete your body of essential immunity nutrients, so we need to refuel all potential and real gaps at the same time.


Finally, we strengthen immunity by supporting mitochondria health, kickstarting your natural energy production system.

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Any of this resonate today?

  • You feel like you're in a constant state of "energy crash"
  • You can't keep up with your young kids and feel so guilty all the time
  • It's almost impossible to drag yourself out of bed most mornings
  • You're so ashamed by the state of your home but you're just too exhausted to keep up with the chores
  • Your basic daily activities are so limited
  • If you do too much one day, you need 2-3+ days to recover
  • You just want to be a normal woman - mom, wife, friend, daughter, worker...

If you're a resounding "YES" to any of these, you're the perfect fit for


If fatigue wasn't a problem, you could:

  • Effortlessly say "yes" to any event, dinner out, or workshop with your loved ones
  • Feel calm and collected in the face of stress or unexpected situations
  • Wake up rested and refreshed, excited to get your day started
  • Feel so confident in your mental capacity and focus, recalling details with ease
  • Spend quality time interacting with your family (instead of sitting on the sidelines)
  • Finish all your weekly chores in 3 hours, taking back time for fun, joy and adventure
  • Get your sexy back and take advantage of that fired up libido!

You deserve all of that and so much more...and you can get it all inside...


The Energized! Story

Energized! is a holistic nutrition protocol that I've created through my journey into EBV/CFS remission.  In this class you'll get access to proven functional nutrition protocols that address the root causes of chronic stealth infections and seriously ramp up the health of your immunity.  This is an online, self-paced program with group support & coaching inside a private Facebook group.  You get lifetime access to the program and group as you move through the protocol and unlock your natural energy healing abilities again.

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