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The “Healthy Eating” Craze is Sabotaging Your Energy

Apr 19, 2023

I walked into the latest health food restaurant, excited to enjoy a meal that fed my body & soul, only to look around with crushing disappointment. 


Here in Nicaragua, there are some very clear lines between the ideas of what constitutes healthy eating.  Of course, the locals subsist mainly on pork or chicken, eggs, cheese, locally grown vegetables and an overabundance of white rice and bread. And that’s their prerogative. 


Expats who have been here for a while tend to enjoy a bit more variety, taking advantage of a few of the bigger (more expensive) grocery stores that import the common North American vegetables like eggplant, bell peppers, and zucchini.  They also love to make their own bread, creating a following in the bread market for locally made artisanal wheat-based bread.


And finally, we have our super health conscious (self-proclaimed) - the raw dieters, the vegans, and the almost snobby health food connoisseurs.


It’s quite the mix and I’m not sure where exactly I lie, with my holistic nutrition, functional foods based diet and my desire to choose foods based on what my expertise dictates as the best food for energy, hormonal health and longevity. 


One thing I’ve noticed, though, is a disconnect between what is considered “healthy” in almost everyone who moves here from North America or Europe.  And, while I’m not criticizing anyone, it’s amusing to listen to the self-proclaimed health conscious people ridicule the random food practices of everyone else.  Especially while their own food choices aren’t in alignment with their health goals. 


But I don’t want to go off on that tangent. 

I am just genuinely curious as to how the idea of “healthy eating” has evolved here, because, in the city I live in today, there are a few “healthy” restaurants but none of them really align with women’s hormonal and energy rejuvenation health.


There’s a generic idea of “healthy eating” that most people follow.  And it’s what I would describe as the way of eating that is found online in forums, the medical literature and mainstream health blogs that always pop up first when you do a Google search. (so, not aligned with what a woman who is seeking high energy needs)


Mainstream “healthy eating” is still quite generic. 


Gluten-free is a magic term for all things health.  People who follow a gluten-free diet will do anything to find a gluten-free version of their favorite foods, even if it’s a highly processed, nutritionally deficient product like store-bought bread, granola bars or pasta.  


Dairy-free isn’t as common but generally tends to follow the vegans around.  It’s rare to find a woman who is dairy-free but also enjoys animal protein because dairy is still so prominently marketed as healthy in the form of Greek yogurt.  And raw Greek yogurt is abundant here.


Sugar-free, well, the health conscious are more-or-less all over this one, but still turn to blue agave nectar as a sweetener.  This is one of the most unhealthy processed “natural” sweeteners out there, so potently sweet it’s like sucralose on steroids but actual sugar.  


But what’s most surprising is the reliance and love of white rice here, especially by the “health conscious”.  Not only is white rice grown with pesticides, but it’s a highly inflammatory food, especially when used as the base for so many vegan dishes.


Finding a truly energizing meal in Nicaragua is difficult.  I struggle a lot!  


Which is ironic because when we visited this country in 2017, before much of the influence of the Western world hit, there were so many energizing foods available that made my choices so easy!


Coconut milk was the #1 source of milk for all dishes.  Now it’s impossible to find!


Local vegetables and raised animal meats still abound today, which is great. 


But now that the Western world has arrived and opened up their “healthy eating” restaurants, it’s harder to find a truly healthy meal without a lot of substitutions or omissions.


I appreciate a new healthy eating cafe popping up and get excited when it’s close enough to visit regularly.


But, it’s disappointing to sit down and review the menu only to find that every single dish is based on whole grain bread, sugar, and/or dairy.  


Because here, “healthy eating” is still so high-level.


Whole grain, fresh bread is healthy because it’s not store-bought, bleached white bread.


Raw, full-fat Greek yogurt made locally is healthy because it’s not full of preservatives or sugars like store-bought…but it is still cow’s milk and a source of glucose, not to mention too often sweetened with honey.


And homemade baked goods with gluten-free flour are still full of sweeteners that mess with a woman’s hormones.  


I am happy to report that there are 3 restaurants here that do have at least one dish that meets my high energy nutrition needs.  


But it’s disappointing that the concept of “healthy eating” is still so high-level.  


Which is why it’s my mission to help teach women about what healthy, hormone-friendly, energizing nutrition actually looks like.


It’s no wonder that so many women are struggling with chronic fatigue, ongoing or worsening hormonal imbalances, burnout and other health problems.


Because if they’re following the mainstream idea of “healthy eating”, they’re still depriving their bodies of critical energy nutrients while boosting inflammation and hormone toxicity.


Energy nutrition gets to be super simple once you know the general guidelines, and how to tweak your favorites to meet your tastes, expectations and need for quick, healthy meals that are portable and enjoyable by the whole family.


When you’re ready to join the Energized Woman and get your health, radiance and energy back on track to live your best life, start with a personalized nutrition deep dive.  


If you’re already following “healthy eating” principles, the changes aren’t going to be difficult.  You’re already halfway to become an energized woman and you already know the importance of fueling your body.  So now you just need that extra boost with an advanced, female-centric diet plan!  Get your assessment and plan today!


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